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Sorry excuse for a chapter, this one is.

^^ I just accidently spoke like Yoda oh.

anyway, sorry it took a while for this. I've been sick and still am, so sorry if there are any mistakes in this chapter or if it seems too dull and boring. i tried my best. 

time of the month + being sick on top of that = not the best thing in the world.


Kelsey’s POV:

          My eyes peeled open, and they landed on the digital alarm clock by my bedside, reading the numbers 10:24. As I tried to get up, I felt Harry’s heavy arm around me. It was wrapped around my waist, and since my shirt had rid up, Harry’s skin touched my bare one.

          Slowly, I took Harry’s arm off of me and stood up from bed. As I sat on the edge of the bed, I took my phone from the bedside table and turned it on. When it finally did, and my eyes landed on the date and I became rigid.

August 6th

          August sixth. That date was way too familiar, and I knew exactly what today was. I glanced back at Harry, who was sleeping with the side of his face pressed into the couch, snoring softly. Biting down my lower lip, I got up from the bed with my phone still in my hand, and walked out of the room, not bothering to change out of my shirt and shorts.

          I walked into the kitchen and was about to make myself some coffee, until I realized I really didn’t want to eat or drink anything. Instead, I just sat on one of the chairs that was in the kitchen around the glass table, and put my elbows on the table as my head rested in my hands.

          “Kelsey?” Harry’s voice made me lift my head to see him standing in front of me, now wearing shirt, staring at me in concern. “Is everything okay?”

          I roll my lips in my mouth as I sigh. “Yeah, it’s just…”

          “What’s wrong?” Harry frowns, pulling the other chair towards me and sitting down.

          I lean back in my chair as my hands lace together in my lap. I look down at them, feeling tears gather in my eyes. One escapes and runs down my cheek and Harry immediately notices it.

          “Hey, hey.” His voice softens instantly as he scoots closer, taking my hands in one of his big ones and uses the other to tilt my chin up to look at him. “Kelsey, what’s wrong?”

          I sniffle as I look at him. “It’s, uh,” I stutter, “it’s the sixth of August. It’s… It’s my mom’s birthday.”

          Realization dawns on Harry’s face as his lips part. He leans back and runs a hand through his hair, a sigh escaping his parted lips. “Oh, God, Kels,” he murmurs.

          A small smile plays on my lips. “She’d be forty five,” I say. “This would be the first time I’m not celebrating her birthday with her.”

          “I know, love,” Harry says quietly.

          A sigh escapes my lips as I sit up, taking my hands from his and wiping the escaped tears away. “I’m not going to cry about this, not today,” I declare, causing Harry to look at me. “Today’s a happy day. It’s my mom’s birthday. She wouldn’t want me to spend it crying over her.”

          Harry smiles and opens his mouth to say something, but the home phone cuts him off. His smile turns into an apologetic one as he gets up and answers the cordless phone. “Hello?” he listens to whoever is speaking, and his face lights up. “Mum, hi!”

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