Chapter 19

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{ down ~ hashir }

I grabbed the vase that was by the rack and shelves. I slowly walk inside and make it to the killer.

"Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi!"

I slammed the vase on his head and pushed him away. I glared and went to go punch him but something made me stop.

"Yaz."I heard a soft voice to make me turn.

I press my 9-1-1 phone call and felt something hit my head. I turned and kicked the guy and went to take off his hoodie but he grabbed my wrist.

"Your mine baby girl, no one can stay with you, and no one can live with you!"He said as I hear them answer thanks to the speaker I put it on.

"Let go, Leave me alone I need to get my friend to the hospital."

He pushed me which I fell on something sharp that hurt my arms and back. It was the glass vase that I hit his head on. He ran away and I went to grab my phone.

Receptionist: "Hello, Anyone there?"

Me: "I'm here can you come to Lily Rise Road dorm 155 floor 5 please, my friend just got stabbed."

Receptionist: "Is she breathing?"

I went to her and Maya looked at me gulping. I saw her wound on her side and I put pressure on it. She groans and I looked at her in pain. I feel really bad.
My best friend is hurt and in so much pain. It's all my fault.

Me: "Yes she is."

Receptionist: "Are you Alright?"

Me: "Yes I am."

Receptionist: "The Ambulance will be on their way, just keep this call on."

Receptionist: "Can you tell me what happened?"

Me: "I just came home from a friends house to see someone stab her. He was wearing a black leather jacket. I couldn't see his face he covered it with his hoodie. I grabbed a vase by me and hit him in the head with it. Then I called you guys and he just grabbed my wrist."

Me: "he said something but I don't remember."

That's a lie. I do. But if they say something about this. They could blame any guy I know. And Hamza isn't going to finish this game.

Me: "And I kicked him. He pushed me and ran away."

Receptionist: "Anything else?"

Me: "No ma'am."

I heard the sirens and hear running. My door was open they probably can find the room.

"Are you guys okay?"I heard an officer as I helped Maya up slowly as a stretcher came.

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