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{ Tere Naam ~ Zack Knight }

"Mummy can I have ice-cream!"

Zainab my four year old smiled pointing at the chocolate ice cream. I move her hair away from her face with my fingers as she giggles.

"Please!"She pleaded as I chuckle nodding.

"Of course. You want the chocolate flavor with sprinkles?"I asked as she nods blinking with her green eyes.

Yeah, she looks more like my husband more than me. But she has my black hair. She's like a duplicate without a beard. He's my model and taken. Sorry.

I got her ice cream and paid for it. I gave it to her as she smiled widely and took it. She licked it and I chuckle pushing her back softly to leave the store.

"Mummy, I can't wait to go home and watch the flash."I chuckle and check the time on my watch.

It's three-twenty. Where are they?

"Mummy look at the shirt. That looks good on you."I look at the blue shirt and shook my head.

"I don't need anything. I think it's enough that I have you five."I said as she giggles.

"Where is Baba? I don't see him."I frowned and looked around to feel something touch my back.

I turned and see a guy smirking at me while standing on his motorcycle.

"Hello, babe?"

I looked at him confused and grossed. I can't believe people are even after the women who are married and have kids.

"Why don't you leave the girl and come with me?"I cleared my throat and push my daughter behind me softly.

She held my leg and she was shivering me. I could feel it from my leg.

"I'm sorry. I can't cheat for someone like you. Go look for someone who could handle you."I glared at him and he got off his motorcycle.

I heard a scream and see my six-year-old Muhammad. He pushed the boy and I chuckle.

"Who are you? And why the fuck did you push me?"I glared at the guy and pulled Muhammad's arm by me.

"Mind your language Mr., "I said and looked down at my boy.

"Muhammad. What did you do?"I asked dad he rolled his eyes.

"I was trying to protect you Mummy but looks like Satan has controlled him. A'UADU BILLAHI MIN ASH SHAYTANIR RAJIM!"He shouted and pulled Zainab into a hug.

"May peace be upon you sir...what's your name?"Zainab asked as he stared at the kids.


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