Chapter 33

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{ Big Plans ~Why Don't We }

Zak Pov

I smiled walking outside of the college dorm. I saw Almas taking to someone. Who's she talking to?

I walk up slowly to see her frown. She's so cute when she does that. She's just wonderful!

I've always liked her. Since the beginning when I saw her in class. She was just pretty. In fact she was so calm and looked like an angel. And yes I was going to see a white girl. And I thought she was one.

And until I met her hijab version. She was my Habibi. Just don't tell her that.

She just made me smile, laugh, made me feel like loved and she was too kind. She was also very sarcastic. And may I remind you how stubborn she was.

She was both. And she's still both. Just it's that. She doesn't wear a hijab. I just don't want her Beauty showed to the world and only for me. Because she's just attracting more men.

I mean how couldn't she. She's just perfect. She's amazing and not just by her looks or personality. But who she really is.

Even if she does wear a hijab. I'm still scared. She's beautiful both ways and I'm worried she might get hurt. I don't want her to feel the pain that she's gone through. I want her to be happy.

I hope inshallah everything goes well and that everything will be okay. And that Allah has some good stored for us. Even to guide us to the right path.

My thoughts were cut off by a weird voice.

"Really I thought you were Indian. I didn't think you were Muslim."I scrunch my nose and hear Almas sigh.

"I mean I guess so."She sighed and I put my arm around her shoulders.

"I'll see you later."

The girl left and I turned Almas around to stare at her while she's just looking so cute when she's so confused.

"People are so rude today. Someone asked me for a Bollywood advice. Me...and dating advice?"I chuckle as she started to pull up her hair.

"Can you help me put this up? Maybe I should cut it."I stare at her confused and looked at her long hair.

"If you want we could make it up to your hips or something?"I told her as I help her put it in a ponytail.

"Yeah, maybe I should, it's been a long time since I've cut it."She smiled and I held her hand.

"Then let's go, maybe we can have dinner or something."

We both walked together to my car. I unlocked and opened the door for her. She got in and sneezed.

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