Chapter 2

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{Mama ~ Jonas Blue Feat. William Singe }

"Did you hear?"Maya screeched in my ear as I groan.

Why did she do that! My ears won't hear well after today.

"There is this new guy and they say he's a Greek God."I rolled my eyes.

I mean the Greek god, are you kidding me! There is no Greek in god. But the expression is Terrible, don't know why people use it.

"The only Greek God there is Dylan O'Brien."I told her as she pouts.

She's been obsessed with him since I met her. One the second day we became friends, she was wearing his shirt. It had a picture of him. She even carried a notebook that had a picture of him in the front cover. Talk about obsession.

"Really, you really had to go to that."She slumps while I chuckle.

"I mean you're the one who told me, I'm just explaining what you said to me...when was it?"I paused.

"Right, yesterday."I said as she giggled

"At least you remember that, but you can't remember the movies we watched yesterday."I rolled my eyes again.

The reminds me, she made me watch all the movies from Twilight. Like what the heck is this, why would I watch this? It's just blah. Don't get me wrong. Twilight wasn't my thing.

"I don't want to watch twilight."I sat in disgust as she chuckles.

"Hey it wasn't that bad."

"Yeah vampires and wolfs, great movie for a boring Fake reality."I told her as she slammed her bag on my face.

It fell on my lap and I gave it to her. No, I'm not going to fight her, maybe pillow fight later but now is not the time.

"Can't you just...let's see...not think about the real world for a while?"She questions.

"I mean you can't since you're living it."I told her as she scoffed.

"Wow great to ruin fiction movies for me."

I shook my head and we look at the students sitting around with their friends.

"Oh my god."

I hear gasps and see this guy who looks like a model. Well not my role model. But he's like a Turkish looking guy you see in Turkish dramas.

I swear my mother has pushed me into watching those. I don't know why. But she watches the every single day. And is afraid to miss an episode.

It's true how they say he's a Greek but not my god. Green eyes, blond hair, tall almost 6'2ish maybe and muscular look. His skin a little tan but mostly clear white and shinning because of the sun hitting the window. This early? But he looks bad enough to talk or hang out with, he looks very annoying and bothersome. Which isn't anywhere my liking.

"Everyone Meet Zack Isa."

I felt an arm on my shoulder and see Maya smirking.

I move her arm and took my book to read. Red Queen. I have no problem with it. And some people shouldn't either.

"He looks amazing."

Maya has been talking about this new guy since he came here.

"Maya we are Muslims, we can't just go after someone and leave Allah for looks."I told her stabbing my fork in my salad.

"Okay...Yaz are you nuts!"I shook my head and let my fork go.

"I wouldn't lose my faith in Allah for a guy."She told me shocked what I told her.

"I lost my appetite I'll see you at home."I told her picking up my trash and threw them away.

I went to go to the water fountain and sit on the wooden chairs. It felt peaceful. Green grass, pretty flowers, no one bothering you. I just feel welcomed in the calm area.

I saw people hanging out with their friends, walking around and laughing. How is it like to smile? To laugh? To feel special.

I see that sometimes people can have happiness in their hearts. So do I! Really!

But most times people are just too hurtful. It could be anyone. Friends, Family, and even strangers.

I am happy, sometimes. I pray for happiness and it's usually heard, usually forgotten. But that's okay, because there are struggles in life. And that's how life works. Allah must have other reasons not to give something to someone. Or maybe busy. But why knows?

I got up and went walking to go to my next class. As I was in the hall I read my book Red Queen and bump into the wall. My book slipped out of my hand and I was about to slip onto the floor. I felt an arm around my waist and saw Zack smiling.

He helps me stand up and I looked to see my book. I kneel to grab it but I saw a hand already beat to it. I looked up but hit my head on his as he chuckles.

Wait...Am I daydreaming? I close my eyes and shake my head to see myself still sitting in front of the water fountain.

Yaz, No! Don't think about that. Don't think about guys right now! This isn't the time? I should focus on myself. I need to make myself important and happy!

And I know no man could ever do that. No man could help. Only the man himself. Which is me. The man is the only man who can get rid of those fears, tears, and scars. Only he that could be a she. And that she who could be just a he. And that he or she is me.

Don't I have a math test? Oh great, that in a few minutes. I got up and started walking to my class to see Zack with some guys. He was in front of me and looked at me. I turn away and walked to my seat.

Just ignore the signals Yaz. Breath and calm down. I kept saying my Dias for a little bit in a whisper. Then stopped when everyone sat around and the teacher came in smiling.

I just don't like it when people stare at me, it's like they are just looking into my soul and taking my life away. That's what I think, I don't know what actually happens.

I looked next to my right and saw him sitting. I put my glasses on and just turn to my notebook. Can't let him get to me. Not now not never!


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