Chapter 29

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{ bellyache ~ Billie Eilish }

I saw how my father and brother both ran into the house. I saw how my fathers worried expression when he saw me.

"Almas, what happened? Please don't cry."I hiccuped and stare at my father.

"Baba, he's here."I sniffed as his eyes widen.

"It's okay. We can move Okay. Don't worry, now let's go home okay. And you can rest."

"What's going on?"Amar asked and I sighed.

"Thank you so much for helping my daughter. Come on let's go."I got up and walked while my father held my shoulders.

"Baba, agar amadan ke jang kona, to Khalit mayia ke ma Borim, owna Byayan bajani ma? (If they came here to fight. Do you think if we leave they will come after us)" I asked as he sighed.


I walked out of the house and saw my brother in a mad mood. He went into the car and slammed the door shut. I walked in and closed the door.

"I can't believe you won't tell me what's going on and leaving me behind!"I sighed looking at my lap.

"Almas just tell him."I held on the hem of my shirt looking at it.

"When I was sixteen, mother made me go to Afghanistan with her. It was amazing but our cousins weren't great. When I first got there they asked for the hand in marriage. I disagreed and they kept pestering me, abusing me and eventually I had to run away from my own marriage. They hurt me."

I wiped my tears remembering every single detail.

"They told me not to eat without them, or not to eat with them. Clean the house, Cook, do laundry and pretty much act like a maid when someone came over. They wouldn't allow me to sleep, eat or drink. I didn't think it was okay even though it was during Ramadan."I said as I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Does anyone else know about this? Your friend or Zak?"I shook my head sighing.

"No, and I hope not."I turn my head to see him looking down.

"Zak is a good kid, he helped you and us. At least your mothers killer for one."

"Maybe a rishta for both of you would work."My eyes widen and stare at my brother.

"No...NO!"I yelled shaking my head as he frowned.

"Why? He's a good guy, has a good family and is your friend. What's the problem?"My father asked as I just glare at the seat he's sitting on.

"What's the problem? Father, he's my friend. Not my boyfriend! He's Suni!"He sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Fine, I won't bother you with your marriage life. Not after what happened with Hamza."I felt a kiss on the back of my head and knew it was Amar.

"Just worry about your studies right now."I nod and he hugged my arm.

"But are you sure you don't like Zak?"I turn to glare at him.


"So how's your day?"I stare at Josh who's reading a book.

Josh and reading a book? Never seen him like this before. And why is his hair color different. It was blond and now it's black.

Well, there is a catch to why he's reading a book.

"Been alright. Just tired."I said reading my history notes.

"Are you alright from what happened? I heard from Zak."I frowned and sighed.

I took a deep breath closing my eyes and breathed out. I open my eyes and slap a pen on his forehead.

"Nosy, just study for your math or your failing again."He sticks out his tongue and laughed.

"Well well Well...looks like the royal duchess turned into a ditch."I rolled my eyes and stare at the Barbie doll.

"Just leave her alone, she didn't do anything to you."

She was glaring at me and I turned to write some English essay about food. Lucky me.

"Excuse me But I think you need to go back to your plastic surgeons I fix your neck. Because you look like a giraffe."I said and she stopped her foot leaving.

"Her neck did look long."I slap his shoulder and then point to the history book.

"Read it or you won't be on the playoffs this year!"I told him and he frowned looking at the book.

"But this is so boring!"I glared at him.

"You know, I took a day off the Beauty company just go tutor you! So get to it!"

See what I did there. Yep, I'm tutoring him. Why? He failed history. And wanted help. Even asked the teacher to email me.

And what does he do now? He's sitting here like a bamboo doing nothing but stare at a tree.

"Well, I didn't force you too!"He almost shouted and I sighed.

"I got here early so you wouldn't whine at me anyway!"He frowned and heard someone slam something on a table.

To see a math book. And Zak.

"Seriously you two arguing again!"He said and I pout.

"He's not listening got me! He even wanted me to tutor him!"I said and turn to glare at him which he glared back.

"Well, maybe I could help. Maybe he's just not paying attention because of you."

I stare at Zak in confusion. What does he mean by that? Is it because of my annoying voice?

"And why is that?"I asked him and he smirked sitting down staring at me.

"Well first of all your a women, second of all——"

"Your beautiful, pretty and sexy. That's why this bulldozer isn't paying attention."I heard Maya and I frowned.

"Ew...Okay, guys, I have to go print a few things. Don't talk that stuff about me."I say in disgust and stood up.

"And make sure he memorized the Persian Empire. He called it the. Virgin Empire."

Their eyes widen and laugh as he smiled. I rolled my eyes and walked away to feel a stare. Who's staring at me?

Come at me little punk.

"You wanted me?"I gulped and afraid to turn around.

Did I say that too loud?

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