Chapter 9

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{ Lost ~ Notime Feat. Snow }

"Yaz I'm going to see my grandma in the hospital will you be okay"I nod and she smiled.

She left with all her fancy shirts and scarfs. Leaving me with the keys to the mailbox this time. Great.

I go to my room and open my closet. I grab my black T-shirt, a black jump jacket, black jeans, and my Nike air shoes. I grab my Paris backpack putting my wallet and a few things in there. I put it on my back and went to go by the door. I grab the keys and put my shoes on.

I open the door and close the door to leave. I put my glasses on and fix my hair into a bun. I went to out to go to the library.

I got out my book from my bag and went to the front to see a guy looking down at his book. I can't tell who this guy is, is he new?

"Hello, I would like to return this book,"I said as I put the book on the desk.

"Yes, Can you take out your ID?" I heard a guy asked me as I turn to get my card from my bag.

"Here you go."

I turn back to him holding my card to see HIM!

He works here. A guy like here works here? Yaz don't stare at him too much.

"Alright."He took the card and slid it onto the machine.

He gave it back and I looked at him go back to his book. I left scrunching my nose. I'm stupid.

Of course, maybe the Greek has its way in books too. I mean I'm not to the only nerd who loves books. A lot of people do. In their own different ways. Who am I kidding Greek is in books.

And by the way, guys can read too. I mean my brother doesn't read since he's just, that stupid kid. But he's smart too, not reading about romcom books.

"I heard he works here, I just want to see him, he's so hot."

I heard and turned to see Casey, the number one slut in the college campus sitting on the table by the window far away from the front desk.

Some say she had all these gross things with a teacher before. It was to boost her grade up. I think. Besides she does it all the time with people. They call her queen of that. I don't want to say the word and I won't.

"Maybe grab a book and flirt with him, looks like he's the reading type."I heard her friend Jamie.

She's the second smartest student so far. Even if she's smart she's just like Casey. Her brother is a player and I know that Casey is dating him because of popularity. Plus friends with Jamie to get closer to him and popularity. Wow, Casey is double the player.

Just found that out!

"Yeah, that would make you have more chances with him,"Suzan told her as I scoff at myself walking away.

Suzan is just the dumbest of the group, she had many dates and all those things with not just guys, but girls. She gets higher with people but lower with their studies.

Now those three are the school's bad girls, with a few others who smoke, drink, and party all the time, failing their classes. Reminds me like the mean girls? I shiver and remember. The guys are the same too.

I, however, am in the middle of nothing. I'm just a nobody there at all. Including Maya. But we don't want attention from anyone since it's just a stupid to think that people are by your side but they are fake. Just fake.

I look around to see a new book, I've read almost the whole library in three years. I would know. But a poetry book. Words. I go grab it and look at it. It's really, interesting.

I go walk to the front to check it out. He just looked at me. With maybe a shocked or eager waiting to talk.

"What?"I asked him as I gulp when he got up out of his chair in sudden...

"What's your name?"He asked me which I tilt my head in confusion.

"Yasmín,"I told him as he shook his head leaning closer to me.

"Your full name."

I move back a little because he kept coming closer to my space.

"Personal space please, thank you,"I told him as he moved back crossing his arms.

"And why do you ask?"I asked him as he looked serious.

"Maybe because it sounds different than Yaz."He told me as my eyes widen.

How does he know? That it's different!

"Your card!"

I thought of myself as a stupid person that ever stepped foot on earth. Why am I so stupid today? Am I losing my brain cells?

"Now tell me what's your real name?"He looks angry.

"It says it on my card Almas Yasmeen Khan,"I told him as he looked at my card.

"But why aren't you wearing a hijab?"

I took my card and the book. That was rude of him to ask like out of nowhere. Even after saying my full name to him.

"It's none of your business, maybe you should worry about not getting fired,"I said walking away as I sighed.

I put my card and book in my bag that was behind me. I clip it and walked to the door. My backpack was small, black and leather. I got it at a garage sale, hey it was cheap!

But I don't need this Muslim thing right now? I'm can't remember or think about it. I just can't. I need to focus on what I came for and focus on what I'm doing. The past can't get near me and I won't let the past force me to change as a person. To feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Or even safe.

I'll forget it, forget it for sure. Don't remember anything.

My head hurts. I felt cold and look outside of Manhattan. I cross my arms together and start walking. I felt something drop all over me as the sky became really dark and thunder just struck loudly.

I felt cold, wet, and scared. I just stopped walking and looked at the sky. Purple thunder hit the skies and rain kept pouring harder and harder.

"Yah Allah,"I mumble and couldn't feel the rain anymore.

I look up to see this blue umbrella on top of my head. I turn to see him. He holds the umbrella as he looked into my eyes. I saw how wet he was, he didn't have an umbrella over him. It made him look nice. I gulp and just turn my head.

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