Chapter 12

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{ In My Blood ~ Shawn Mendez }

"Say, Why didn't you bring your car?"Maya asked Zak as he chuckled.

"Well my brother needed it, so I gave it to him."I just looked at Maya and wanted to leave.

But she didn't listen and went in with him. I just walked behind them and he opens the door. I saw his friend Zahid and he smiled at me. I just nod back at him.

What I don't want to hurt my cheeks with a fake smile. That would hurt.

"Would you guys like to have something?"

I shook my head and went with Maya then sat with her but far apart.  She got me into this mess and I'll give her the treatment of ignorance.

"Ah hello kids, I'm Zak's mother Sara. It's nice to meet you three."I nod and hear my phone ring.

I looked at it and end it. I mute it and put it away.

"Sorry,"I said as she nods confusingly.

"I'm having the neighbors later do you guys mind."I shook my head as the rest had the same reaction.

"We don't mind,"Zak said as I heard the door open to hear footsteps.

"I'll go get snacks, your brother and his friends are coming over."She said as he nods.

I turned and my eyes looked at my brother. My eyes widen and his eyes widen.

"YOU!"We both said in sync and hear the guys gasp.

"What are you doing here?"I asked him.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the living room to the door.

"Our parents are coming over. If they see you here you're going to get killed."

He whispered to me in fear because they think I'm studying and not hanging out with other people. That's why!

"Why are they here?"I asked him as he sighed walking around then back at me.

"Father said about him. Do you know him?"He said showing me a picture of HIM!

It was him. After I came back. I turned into someone different. I got lost and still don't remember. It's him and his families fault.

" got to go, tell them I had to...go ah, you get what I mean!"I groan in frustration.

"Yaz, who's he?"He growls annoyed since I skipped his question.

"I'm sorry I can't tell you, now it's not the time brother,"I told him walking away and went to put my shoes on.

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