Chapter 24

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{ Let U Go ~ Faime }

I got out of my apartment to see Zack. What's he doing here?

I just ignore him and walk the halls.

For the past few days. I never answered anyone's calls, texts and not even talk. I just moved ahead.

"I thought Muslims wear hijabs."I turned to look at him with an annoyed looked.

He made me freeze just for that.

"Well you thought wrong,"I told him as I turn back to where I was going, back on my feet.

"And that's why Muslims like you push Other Muslims not to do things they want."I stopped and hold shirt tight with a fist.

That's not true. People don't have to listen to me on what they should do in life. I'm not their Leader.

I just kept walking until I heard a chuckle. I tried to hold it but I couldn't.

"You wouldn't know what I've been through. So why would I listen to a fool like you."I told him and he scoffed.

"You don't run away from your fears, you fight them."

"And what if I don't want to fight them. Forget them and keep going. You know I can keep doing that."I said and held my hands together looking down.

"And what? Just keep running while it chases you?"I turned to him and stare at him.

"You're lucky you know, you won't have struggles to go through. Even though Allah is testing me. I can't just say that I could everything is easy."He stared at me a little while then blinked.

"You know what! You're wasting my time, if you want to talk to Maya she's still in the hospital."I told him turning my heels and walked away.

I seriously can't handle when people get into your business for now reason. People getting nosy. It's like they don't have their own life and what's to hear everyone else's because they can't have what others want.

He's lucky. Really lucky. He has a great family. And Mashallah everything that others even need the most.

And yet he's here being rude, mean and a jerk. It's none of his business to get into mine.

I don't get into his or have a problem with him. So why is he coming to me like he was some types of people who come and tell you what's right or wrong.

I know what's right and wrong. I learned and I am still learning. He shouldn't tell me that.

Astagfirallah, thinking about this is giving me a headache.

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