Chapter 6

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{ no tears left to cry ~ Ariana Grande }

"Hey, little sis."I heard and turned to see my older brother Amar staring at me.

"What?"I asked as he sat on my bed by me.

"We need to talk."I sighed and closed my book.

"What is more important than my book?"I asked him as he sighed.

"Look I understand—-."

"Understand what? That you ran away. I really don't care. I'm over it."I told him.

"Then why are you giving me an attitude?"He asked as I grabbed my book and sighed.

"I've changed Amar, there is no need to be nice to people,"I told as his eyes widen.

"Did something happen when I left?"I shook my head.

"There is nothing you need to know,"I told him as he put his head on my bed.

"I'm sorry,"He told me as I shook my head patting his head.

"Don't be brother, I'll forgive you,"I told him as he looked up.

"If you buy me twenty video games." His eyes widen and I wiggle my eyebrows.

"You're So naive."

He hugged me and I hugged back.

Finally, a hug that I really needed. A hug to make me feel okay. At least.

"Let's go out today!"He said as I shook my head.

"Let me change first, and you too,"I told him as he chuckled.

He left and I went to wear black leggings and some a black sweater that says "honestly, life sucks.".This is my moto-life.

I grab my small bag and went out to see him. I took my phone and ran down the stairs.

"Where are you both going?"

I hear someone asked us as I stopped to see my mother. I gulped as she crossed her arms onto her chest.

"To the movies, bye."He smiled leaving as I sighed and walked behind him.

"Get home safely."She said as I shook my head.

She's lying. She wants to curse at me and yell at me. But she can't since my brother is around.

"Do you want to go to the movies?"He asked as I nod.

"Yeah before Muharram comes back,"I told him as his eyes widen.

"It's the depressing month again."I slap his shoulder as he groaned while smirking.

"No, it's where we think about our savior now come on let's get to the movies, and stop wasting my time,"I told him as he laughed and I went into his car.

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