Chapter 8

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{ Friends ~ Marshmellow Feat. Anna-Marie}

"Hey, I'm going out,"I told her as she nods smiling at the tv.

"Cool see you later,"She told me without looking at me.

It was seven pm. And I wanted to go out and drink some coffee before eight. I don't know. And Muharram is coming and of-course I need more black attire. I grabbed a few things and started my way out the door.

I went walking around the night to bump into someone. I scrunch my nose as the masculine back turn around.

"Oh, Yaz."I looked up to see the smirking man.

"It's you again,"I told him as he kept his smirk.

"What...missed me."He asked as I scoffed looking at his eyes that locked me in.

"In your dreams, besides I have work to do,"I told him as I walked away.

"You know a lady shouldn't be out at night?"

I just kept walking. I won't listen to him. He's been so annoying! Ugh, he even irritates me!

"I know, and I can fight my own way back home,"I told him as I made it to the mall.

The mall isn't far from the house either. Just thirty minutes. So far my record is twenty-five while walking quickly.

I went to forever twenty-one and looked for some shirt. I saw nothing but a black shirt that said: "tacos are together with fries". Whatever that supposed to mean.

I got out to go to Charming Charlie. I bought two scars half off. They had a sale. Buy the cheap one and get the expensive one free. See my sarcasm.

I went out of the mall since there was nothing and saw Ross still open. I ran inside and went to check out some clothes. See Ross has some nice clothes and are cheap.

Buy it and you could sell it expensive or you could just keep it. I bought the only long sleeve shirt they had. It's September. I don't think they will make winter clothes during fall. Do they?

I went out to see stars up at the sky. I was walking home and felt cold. But that was okay. It was just a good old wind. If Maya was here she would've said.

"Someone is after us, hide we need to be covered or we could get killed. And we need to shut up so they don't hear us."

Classic Maya.

"Hello, anyone there?"I heard and saw a blue door talking.

Oh, wait it's not talking the person inside is. Am I drunk? I don't drink. I mean I used to. I used to do tons of alcohol, weed, and take cigarettes. I would vape or pretty much anything that kept me feeling good. But I haven't done that since Freshman year of college. And I'm a senior.

"Hello."I went to open this blue door to see some guys coughing out.

"Are you guys alright?"As they came out, it looked like they came from a cold freezer.

"Yeah, Thanks."

They laughed and I saw water bottles in my bag wrapped around my hand. I pull it out in front of them as the person looked up at me. His eyes widen and so does mine.

"Zak!"I mumble as he took the bottles from my hand.

"Thank you."He told me as I nod looking at them still cold and coughing.

"What happened?"I asked him as he looked at his friends.

I think. I'm not sure. I'm not in his personal life but this matter looked like it was about to kill him so I had to. And our brains are curious all the time.

"Me and my friends went to go walk around. When a bunch of groups asked to come and play basketball. So we agreed and they said it was inside. We went in but they didn't."I rolled my eyes.

"Have your parent ever taught you not to talk to strangers?"I asked me annoyed by his stupidity.

"Yes."I looked at him and sighed shaking my head.

"Let me tell you something. Anyone who asks you to play out at eight thirty pm. Don't go, it's a school night and no one would. And by the way, strangers are always are dangers, keep in watch what they are doing just by their look."I told him as he looked confused.

"Their face will look harder when you say no,"I told him as he nods giving me a smile.

"Thanks."I nod and saw his friends falling down.

"I think we should call the hospital,"I said as he nods sighing.

Finally get to call 911. How should I speak? Hello, I need help in 4268 Rhode Visual Vents Suite. Or something. I don't know.

I call 911 and hear it ring.

Lady: "Hello how can I help you?"

Me: "Hello I need help, some of my friends were in a freezer room and have passed out."

I go next to them to check their heartbeats by their neck.

Lady: "Yes, Can you give me the address."

Me: "4268 Rhode Visual Vent Suite."

Lady: "We will be right there, and one question?"

Lady: "Are they breathing and how did this happen?"

Me: "Well from another friends perspective who's still awake, a group of people came to ask them to play, so they agreed, they told them to get into the room since they were going to play there. And they locked the door on them, I just opened the door twenty minutes ago."

Lady: "and are they okay?"

Me: "I checked their pulse a few hours ago, they are okay so far, but their breathing is lower."

Lady: "alright hold on till they come, thank you for calling."

Me: "Thank you."

I hang up and shiver from the cold. That was amazing to talk to an operator. I always wanted to do that.

I turned and saw a smiling Zak fall asleep on the floor. I look at everyone. Cold, blue and pale.

I heard the cops coming and ambulances. I went in when Zak was in the stretcher to the Ambulance truck. We made it to the hospital and they went to take him.

All I know is that they are okay and have to stay there for a few days. Meaning I have to visit.

And I forgot I have to pray.

I need to pray at home.

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