Chapter 25

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{ BlackOut ~ AViVA }

I walked slowly into the rainy and dark night. I wish I took that ride Zak told me to.

Even though I've been telling him to leave me alone he won't. And he's kinda getting in my head too much to the point I don't understand him.

He's cocky at first, then rude, stupid or just goofy. Sometimes I think he has a bipolar disorder.

But it's a good thing I didn't, I could've been caught and he could've been killed during the drive or after it. But who knows right?

And he's not the only one. Josh has been coming up to me more friendlier and he hasn't done anything dumb at school this year. Even though he's been cheerful and I'm grateful he is. Since the day we talked while looking at the stars.

He's been everywhere around me like glue sometimes. And I'm worried about him that I push him. It hurts to do this to both of them.

I haven't even seen Maya either, I just told her the last day before meeting her that I can't see her again. As I known before.

I don't know what to do now. I have no one even though they are around and want to talk. But I can't get them into me or they could get killed. And this is all my fault.

I felt something around my arms and something covering my mouth. My eyes widen and tried to scream. I was pushed into a wall in a dark alley.

I glared at the guy and wiped fake dust around me. I looked at the guy with the Hoodie in focus. I knew it.

"Hamza you can quit your games,"I told him crossing my arms as he came closer to slam his hand on the wall.

"You knew."I nod as he just smirked out of nowhere.

"Well then, I can't let you telling any other person around, so."He whistled and touched my chin with his fingertips.

"Don't touch me."

I glared at his little ego. He just kept smirking like an idiot. That's for sure.

I push his hand and kicked him in the shins. And his man world I suppose. I started to run until I felt someone made me trip and fall into their arms.

"Gotcha."He said smirking and pushing me to a tree then putting his arm around my waist.

He came closer to kiss me and I tried to knock him out with my own head. Which started to hurt because I hit my head with his.

"Let me go."I groaned trying to push his hands from getting to the upper level of my body.

My eyes widen and froze. I shiver in fear. Its just like how it happened during vacations with my mother.

"Leave me alone, please,"I told him as he just scoffed.

Like it was nothing so I had another plan.

I scream and he covered my mouth with one hand. I bite his hand and he groans to punch my stomach.

"Don't do that."

I groan as he put himself on me. I try to push him since he was forcing me to kiss him and the next thing you know his face was hit beside my right shoulder into the tree.

My eyes widen and see Zak. What's he doing here? Did he follow me?

I gulped as he kept punching and kicking Hamza. I went to Zak and looked at them both.

"Don't touch a lady when she doesn't want you to!"

"Zak! Stop it's not worth it."He stopped and glared at Hamza.

"Don't you dare touch her ever again, put a finger on her and you won't even have fingers."He said turning to me and grabbed my arm.

He started running while I ran with him. I groan from the tight grip of his hand. And my stomach.

Zak stopped and turned to me. He stands in front of me worriedly and wiped something on my cheek. I didn't know I was crying.

"Don't cry."

His thumbs pressed on my cheeks which made my heart flutter. It's was tingling like before. What's happening to me!

"How about I take you to my place since your home alone."I nod and groan while walking.

"Where are you hurt?"He asked me and I hold my stomach.

"Let me help you."He said and I felt arms under my knees and back.

My eyes widen when he carries me bridal style and walks. What is he trying to do? And why does he keep doing this!

"What are you doing?"I gulped as he just looked down at me with red cheeks.

"Helping you."I looked at him confused and felt my eyelids drop.

"I'm too heavy for you."He scoffed.

"Your light as a feather, do you even eat?"I hum in response looking at my shirt.

"I have a feeling you don't, did you eat this morning?"

"I ate lunch,"I said as he looked at me confused.

"It's ten pm. You haven't had dinner,"He says to himself and I just put my head on his shoulder.

"It's fine, I'm not even hungry."He hums in response and my body feels these little tingles that make me feel good.

I close my eyes feeling safe and warm. I couldn't sleep but my eyes were just taking a nap.

I heard mumbling and light were coming as I groan. I then felt down into some type of fluffy cloud and felt moved up.

I can't feel or hear anything else. I was really tired but I'm scared of those nightmares. They might come back and even worse they might hurt more.

The more I remember them, the more they make a hole in my heart wider. And my brain to go crazy. It scares me. And the feelings are just terrible.

That's why I don't sleep. And I've said before. There is no cure. I've been in therapy before and they didn't work. Even a nutritionist for my weight and medicine.

Neither worked. I never ate, never slept. I didn't do anything that kept me healthy. I just remember how many times they thought I was starving myself or suicidal.

I mean I was but I wasn't starving myself. I didn't have the time to think that. And Who wouldn't love food? I kinda didn't love the food at all.

I wish my life was normal. Sleep normally, eat normally and live my life normally like everyone else. But everyone else has their own problem too. And I don't want to deal with their too.

"Good night Yaz."I felt something on my legs to my shoulders and let the darkness take over me.

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