Chapter 34

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{ Right Now ~ Nick Jonas Feat. Robin Schulz }

"Zak? Zak?"I called out his name as he just ignored me looking at the window.

"What's wrong? Is everything okay?"I asked him as he sighed.

"It's just, I don't feel like you love me the way I do."I stare at him and held his hand.

"But I do, Okay. Just because I don't show it too often doesn't mean I don't love you. Now get your grown-up pants up because we are going to the amusement park."

He stared at me and I frowned. He took my hand and pulled me closer to him. My eyes widen and gulped.

This is just bad! Really bad! I feel hot like I got a fever or something! Oh no.

Maybe if I say something I'll forget it. Yeah, forget the heating moment. Even though it's making me get tingles and go crazy!

"It's my first time going to an amusement park, and it will be fun if I could go with you,"I told him and gulped staring at him.

"Maybe."He sighed and let go of my hands.

"Is there anything else you want to say?"I asked him as he just sat there biting his thumbnail.

"Is it because of Malik, or because you don't think you're perfect enough?"

He didn't answer. He just sat there in his own mind. He's not happy. What should I do?

"Yesterday I went out to shop for the nikkah. And I never knew your mother was so serious on everything!"He hums in response.

"Zak, listen to me!"I told him and pulled his hands to get up.

"Up from the chair, now!"He got up and stared at me.

"Zak listen, Everything is going to be fine. Don't worry too much okay. And that's enough of you. You keep pushing yourself. I think it's enough and maybe you could just have some fun. Take a breather, now come on!"I told him and he sighed nodding.

"Give me the gummy smile! Now!"I pouted and held his right hand with my left.

He gave me a small grin and I nodded pressing my lips together.

"Shabash, now let's go."

I walked but he pulled my hand back to him. Why did he do that?

"What did you say? Shabash? What does that mean?"He asked me and I smiled.

"Good job!"I said with a giggle and heard a phone ring.

"Bow—wow—bow wow bow"

I have weird ringtones.

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