Chapter 27

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{ After Night ~ MXMS }

"I guess..."I heard my phone ring in my pocket.

It sounded like a message. I took it out of my pocket and looked. I unlock and looked at the messages.

Hamza: you Bitch!

Hamza: I'm not letting you go!

Hamza: I'm going to get your punishment ready

I shiver in disgust and block his number. I saved the messages and I turn and sighed.

"Noor I'll be back okay, I have to talk to your brother."I said as he hums in response.

I walk to look for him and he as sitting on the couch in the living room alone. He looked lost.

"Zak?"I asked him as he turned to me.

"I...uh...Hamza texted me. I...I'm...I'm scared."

He stared at me with a frown and held out a hand. I gave him my phone and he looked at the photos.

"Let's go tell the police to end this?"He asked as I nod following him outside his house to the front yard.

He takes his car out and I went in. He opens the gate with a switch and we leave. He takes me to the police station and my leg shakes.

"It's okay I'm here don't be nervous."I nod and got out of his car as he did the same.

I closed the door and he came to me. We walked in and I sat shaking. I felt a hand on mine and saw Zak. He nods and I sighed.

"You still have that ring."

I took it out of my finger and waited for them to call my name.

"Almas."I heard and went to go with him to meet the police.

I sat down and Zak sat next to me.

"What brings you here?"He asked me and I sighed.

I told them everything. From how he killed my mother, to how he killed Mrs.Harrison. To those messages and how he stabbed Maya. Then to all his messages and the incident last night. And his messages again.

I showed them the messages and everything they should know. They saved them and I got my phone back.

"We have to keep in watch of you. If he does something else."Zak stood up.

"It's alright, I can take care of her, you should just find him and fix this."He said as the police officer nods.

I got up and we left saying 'goodbye'. After that we went into the car. I looked down.

"Almas What's wrong?"He asked me and I cover my face with my hands.

"It's all my fault, they died and Maya got hurt. And I let him push me."

"Don't worry everything is going to be alright."I looked at him and he sighed.

"Let's go to my place, from now on where ever you go, I have to be there."I nod and hug myself.

"That's okay, as long as he doesn't come to touch me."I said as I heard a growl.

Did he just growl? Is he mad or angry at him now? Oh no he could hurt someone. Or hurt himself.

"I'm also sorry what I said about you not wearing a scarf."I looked at my hands.

"It's fine. I get it. People used to tell me that a lot, and I'm sorry for blowing off like that to you."I said and looked at the street.

"You were upset that I broke your friendship and thought I was playing around with you and josh. I would've done that too if I was in your position. So you really don't have to say sorry, I'm the one who should."I looked at him as I felt my cheeks red.

"Hey you were forced you didn't mean too, and you know staring is bad right?"He smirked as I scoffed.

"I'm looking at the road by you, that car really looks nice."He frowns and I looked at my window.

"Did you know my favorite color is black, so if I something black. I'll love it."I said as I poke his shoulder since he's upset.

"Oh and your car is black too."

"So...Maya is home?"He asked still driving.

"She's getting out tomorrow."I told him looking at the rain on the window.

"Did you tell her? About him?"I clear my throat and groaned.

"No, and now she's going to be mad at me because I didn't tell her. Which I should have but I didn't!"I said as he chuckled.

"Why are you chuckling? Huh? It's not funny!"

"Because your tone of voice is funny. Don't be so whiney!"He told me and my mouth opens wide in shock.

"No it's not. Be quiet you."I told him turning to see him.

I scream and hug myself. I heard the car stop and I shiver in fear.

Where did he come from? Why is he here? He shouldn't be here! Where did this guy come from!

If he's here, he also brought his family. And if he did, he's going to kill me. Not only him but also them. Every single one of them.


My thoughts disappeared when I heard my name. I looked at Zak and stare at him.

"Please, start the car and drive home."I said as he does.

"I'm calling your brother okay."I gulped and covered my face on my knees.

"Why are you crying? Is it because he's everywhere you see or?"I coughed and covered my mouth with my arm.

"No...if you call my father he'll understand. Just call him."I said as he nods.

"Alright but stop crying. It's enough for today and I don't want to see you like this anymore."I stare at him as he starts calling my father.

I put my head on my knees feeling sleepy already. I can't handle this anymore. I just feel hurt all the time and I just want to be happy.

Yah Allah please save me from this nightmare!

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