Chapter 17

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"What happened?"I asked as Humza shift to a comfortable position on my couch then smiled.

"Nothing."He told me and I heard the doorbell ring.

"Just leave the flowers by the door please."

I tiredly got up and went to the door to take the flowers then bring them in.

"I'm really tired of this. I'm starting to dislike flowers."I said and put them in a water pot.

"What do you like?"He asked me and I pout thinking about it.

"I really loved flowers until this happened and I don't like anything anymore."

"Don't say that you must like something."He told me and I looked at my clothes.

"Well, I like sweaters and sweatpants,"I said and he hums in response.

"I like the chocolate crunch."

"Me too."He told me and I sat across from him.

"Oh really, maybe next time we should buy some together,"I said and he nods smiling.

I saw the tv and my eyes widen. It's on tv and I haven't watched this episode! It's new.q

"I love the superhero flash, he's so cool and runs so fast!"I said and he nods looking at me like I was some angel.

Does anyone catch up with what I'm doing? No? Yes? Well, I'll explain anyway.

I'm trying to lure him before he can hurt anyone else. I can't let him hurt anyone if it's him.

I heard my door knock and I open to see my father. He comes in when I told him to. He sits himself down and looked at Hamza.

"I really am starting not to like you anymore."My eyes widen and cover my father's mouth.

"I'm sorry, he's probably drunk."I sighed and look at his state.

He's terrible. After mother died he's literally in a tragic shape. I put his arm around my shoulder and put him in my room.

I push him into my bed and tuck him in. He groans and falls asleep as I sighed. Even though he talks crap about me. He's still my father. And I'm still his daughter.

"I think you should—."

I looked around me to see Humza not here. He's gone! Where did he go?

I went to my room quickly to see my father all fine. I wake him up and he looked at me.

"Why am I in your apartment?"I rolled my eyes and help him sit.

"Your drunk, I'll call Amar to pick you up."He pouts and shook his head like a child.

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