Chapter 35

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{ Youth ~ Shawn Mendez Feat. Khalid }

"Have you told him?"I look to see my little brother Haider.

"Told him what?"I asked him as he sighed grabbing a chair to sit next to me.

"About Malik and why he's after you?"I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"I mean all he knows is that he thinks you're his wife but what they did to you?"

"He doesn't need to know that. I don't want to make him worried."I heard the door open in the back.

I turned and looked to see Zak. He looked upset. He then disappeared. And he's disappointed.

"I mean you should go tell him. Since Malik's family is here."My eyes widen.

What? I thought they wouldn't come? How is this even possible!

"For the marriage registration, so they know it's an actual wedding and that you're married to him."I sighed and stood up.

"I have to go see Zak."I walked out and went to see Zak who's leaning on the wall.

"So you've been hiding stuff from me?"He asked and I sighed.


I stare at the ladies with wide eyes. They are here! Or am I just freaking dreaming!

Yah Allah help me!

"Oh, good afternoon."I glared at Soria as she smirked at me.

"Oh...Salam. Khawari showar. ( Sister-In-Law)."I stare at them as they walked away smirking at me.

"I just want to die,"I whisper to myself shaking my head.

"You're not going to kill yourself, Almas."I look up at Zak and shiver.

"Can we...can we..."

"Don't worry, it won't hurt."I looked at the needle hit my skin.

"How did this happen?"I sighed looking at my arms.

"I fainted."

"Are you sure everything is okay?"I nod and groan since I nodded my head.

"I'm not PAYING FOR THE BILL!"My uncle yelled at the lady.

"Hey, I'm paying the bill. Because I have money. I'm not paying for anyone else."I glared at him.

"So you have money, and where is this money?"He asked me and I rolled my eyes.

"It's my fathers, he told me to keep it with me just in case,"I said and he glared.

"And what am I to you? What relations do I have with your father?"I give him the 'Are you Seriously kidding me' look.

"Your my uncle from my mother's side, just because your my mother's brother doesn't mean your, my fathers. My father doesn't even know you and cares about you."

He threw the IV out which pulled out the needle on my arm. He pulled me off the bed and took me to the front.

"Get her out of here! I'm not paying for anything!"I pay for the whole hospital bill and went out into the cab.

I got punched in the stomach and turned to see my cousin as she smirks.

"Good luck."

She puts a lighter on my arm where the IV was in. I groaned in pain and tried to push her off.

It just didn't work.

"Almas?"Zak asked confused and I shiver in fear.

"Can...can we get married earlier?"I asked him as he just looked confused.

"Why? What did they say?"I gulped and really wanted to hold onto myself but it's really hard.

"They...they called me sister-in-law. Zak, they aren't from here. Please do something."I said and he looked at his watch sighing.

"Then let's get married tonight."I stare at him with my eyes widen.


"Yeah, it won't be bad."I sighed and put my arms around him.

"But what are you hiding from me? Is there something that I don't know?"He said as I felt an arm around me and his fingers move my hair.

"Can I talk to you inside?"I asked as he nods letting me go.

I pull him inside and close the door to sit. I stare at the floor and sighed.

"I went to Afghanistan during the summer not too long ago, five years ago probably. But when I was there. I was forced to marry. I disagreed."I gulped and looked into his eyes.

"They tried to force me into a marriage. Which I didn't agree so they all abused me..."I told him as he just sat there listening.

"Who also knows about this?"He asked me and I looked at him.

"My little brother, Maya and I guess you too. My baba only knows about the marriage part. That's it."I said as he stared at me.

Then all of a sudden he hugs me. Tighter than before. I felt something drop from my eyes and wiped them.

"Don't cry. It's over. Once we get married. We will continue with life while they go back home."I sighed and stared at his back.

"Even if it's legal to get married at a young age. I talked to them about it. They still said I'm still married and I can't do anything at all. And I'm not married yet."I said holding onto him tight as I started to completely cry.

"Just be ready by tonight, we will finish this off and you can just rest...with me obviously."I sniff and felt my body onto his lap.

"Stay with me okay."He said and I nod with a hum.

"And don't die, because without you I wouldn't know what I would do."He said and I watch the door open.

I moved my arms away and stare at the door to see his mother.

"Oh, wrong time?"She asked and we shook our heads.

"Ummi, tell everyone to get ready because the wedding is tonight."

"What? Why!"She asked confused but still with a smile.

"We have trouble to solve."She smirked and clapped.

"Now I'm going to show Khadijah who's the boss, I'll be back, my beautiful daughter why don't you go get ready with Maya? In the other room?"I nod and she smiled walking away.

I got up and get my hand pulled. I was back on his lap and he smirked.

"Yes my beautiful wife, why don't you get ready. Because after the wedding there is more to come."

I slap his chest playfully as he laughed. I got up from his lap and sighed.

I hope everything goes well. I don't want to deal with anything anymore and inshallah hoping that everything will be okay.

"Don't worry it will be okay."

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