Chapter 31

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"Well at least I'm free from my parents."I sighed and stare at her.

She didn't have to go through this. She's not alone. I'm still her family.

"You know I'm your family right? My brother and my father is too you know."I said as she hums in response.

"Of course. I'm just talking about that family. Let me just forget them and say that your my sister and my family."

She smiled and laid on the couch after we cleaned the dorm for two hours. I was on the floor typing my paper for an English contest on my laptop.

While binge watching the flash.

"Anyways seems like your close to your dad."I turned to face her as she smirked at me.

"My dad wants me to get married and I agreed."Her eyes widen and the held a bottle.


She opened the bottle and drank to spit it out. I rolled my eyes. So dramatic Maya.

"Why?"She asked and I sighed turning back to my laptop to write.

Should I tell her? We've been friends for four years. And she doesn't know anything at all. I wish I could just spill it out.

It's hard.

It's a nightmare. Like I'm living in the centuries and being forced without having a voice!

" before we became friends. I went to Afghanistan during the summer before my junior year."I said closing my laptop and put it on the coffee table.

"My mother and I went to meet my cousins, uncle, and aunt in law. When I got there my guy cousin gave me flowers. I remember when he didn't give it to my mother but skipped her. My other cousins would call me sister in law or brothers wife."

I looked down holding my tears and felt a hand on my hand. I sighed holding it while trying not to cry.

"I was put into a position were I had to say yes but I said no. For days I kept saying no and asking for how many days I would survive. I thought of jumping off a cliff, running away, drowning or even ask someone to kill me. It was hard. Even during Ramadan."

"After a while they started to abuse me, hit me. And one night. Just one night. I wanted to finally sleep since I never couldn't sleep because of how much stress I was going through. I was tied up on a chair . And fire around me. I was stuck while they force me to marry him."I said wiping my tears with my hands.

"I left with a scar on my back. It's a burn scar. A reminder of what happened to me. After that they started telling everyone and the wedding came around. I was in my dressing room all alone and eventually, I ran away. After he hit me."I look at her as her eyes widen in shock.

"So is that why you didn't want to call them? You can't sleep and was crying like three months ago?"I nod and she hugged me.

"My father wants me to get married because he came here, and told someone he lost his wife here and showed them I was here."I cried and heard the door bell ring.

"He's here, to take you or to stay here with you?"She asked me and I cover my face with my arm to sneeze.

"He's here to get a visa and stay here with me, so that he can eventually bring his family."

"I'll go open the door. I'll keep it a secret till you want me to say it."I nod as she got up to go open the door.

Thank god I have a friend like her. I'm thankful for having her in my life. My Allah grant her wishes because she's not only lost a family. But a name.

I wiped my tears with my sleeves and hear some men laughing. I got my laptop and got up from the floor to go to my room. I lock the door and sighed.

I put my laptop on my desk and went to lay on my bed. I stare at the ceiling and heard the door knock.


I got out of my bed and went to open the door. I saw Zak with wide eyes staring at me.

"Can I come in?"He asked and I nod moving to the door.

He got in and I closed the door. I went to sit on my bed and stare at my fingers. I saw him sit on my bed and looked at me.

"I'll marry you."I looked up at him and my eyes widen.

"W..What!"I said shocked.

How could he say that!

Even though my heart is beating fast for this. I can't marry someone I don't like. I mean he doesn't even know me!

He makes me safe and comfortable. Like a cloud pillow. And makes me feel warm and sweet at the same time.

Oh shut up!

"H..why?"I asked him still shocked while he's sitting there smiling.

"Your brother told me what's going on. I'm helping you."I scoffed and turned my head to the left where the window was.

"I'm not marrying you."I gulped and felt trembling on my own body.

Why does it hurt so much? I've never felt this before!

"We can pretend then we will just move onto our lives."I stare at him and sighed.

Why is this happening to me? It's like I'm in some stupid drama and was forced to live like this.

Ya, Allah are you listening to this? Are you seeing what's going on in my life?

You did bring back my little brother who's grounded for life at home. Took Hamza into his prison cell which he would live forever until he dies.

But it makes me feel different. I didn't want a husband or anyone in my life. But now I want to. Now I feel like he's someone I could have.

And I don't know why? It just feels weird but nice. No....way! I like him.

"When is the proposal?"

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