Chapter 11

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{ None Of My Business ~ Cher Lloyd }

"I saw a Bunsen burner,"I said as Maya looked at me.

"And you went and touched it didn't you, I told you not to."I shook my head.

"No, it reminded me of something."She tilted her head confused.

"Well, at least most of your memories are coming back."

The reason why she said that is because after I came back from the summer before my junior year. Something happened and it caused me to forget a whole year of my junior year. I guess I had to go through trauma in my junior year that I don't remember.

I started to look at my notes. I shook my head trying to read the words in my head only to see a blur.

"You Okay."I nod and saw my vision coming back to normal.

"I just got light headed."She nods patting my back.

"So any news with your grandmother,"I asked as she smiled.

"She's gotten better, and has been actually been nice to my mom, thanks for the help."I shook my head.

"I didn't do anything, it was his decision."

"Why are you so cute."She hugged me tight as I try pushing her away.

"You're so annoying,"I told her as her eyes widen.

"THANK YOU!"She squealed as I groan from her pitched voice.

"Poor me getting squeezed by you."

She laughed loudly. I feel like I'm going to lose my left ear for a while.

"Hey, paki! Don't you think being a terrorist is enough."I looked up to see Stephanie smirking.

What did she tell my friend? Terrorist? Oh, you got that wrong you disgusting freak.

Yeah, I get that Maya wears a hijab, but her race. Now that's something else. And calling her something she was born to. Now that's just wrong.

"Don't worry."

Maya whispers into my ear as I clenched my fist. How dare she!

"What? Telling her your next plan."I looked at her and glared.

I can't take this evil witch anymore. She always does this to Maya and not to mention what she was wearing. I mean she's just showing her whole body off.

I got up and looked at Stephanie.

"You have something to say stingy,"I asked her as I heard gasps from her friends, Miranda and Emma.

"Stingy, say that to that girl."She pointed and my eyes look at her fingers.

"Maybe you should put your finger down before—."I grab her finger and push it down.

"Now listen here, at least she's not like a slut who shows off her whole body. She has some respect for herself than you do, maybe you should analyze yourself before anyone else."I said as her eyes widen in anger and pain.

"Yaz let her finger go."

Maya pulled me and I sighed. I glared at the girls as she screams while groaning.

"Watch it, it won't be a finger this time."I got pulled out of the canteen by Maya.

"What were you thinking kali!! Now she's going to kill you."I rolled my eyes.

"Just don't look at anyone's finger anymore, people should really stop pointing."She rubs my back as I looked down.

"I'm sorry Maya."

She hugged me and I sighed. The smell reminds me of home. She has the sweetest and calming scent you will ever know.

"It's okay, you didn't mean it, you were just angry, I know what you went through. I understand."She told me as I hum in response.

"How about we back home, school's over anyway."I nod and she took my hand, taking me out to the bus stop.

"Nice to know you take Friday's off now, we can spend more time."She smiled and I nod looking at the street.

I saw Zak standing there with his friends. He looks at me and I looked away.

"You know I just hope we can watch the next episode of Kundali Bhagya."I rolled my eyes and she laughs.

"You can't make me stop watching Hindi dramas."

I saw the bus come and we went inside paying for the ride home. I saw Zak come in and sat behind us. I just roll my eyes and looked at Maya.

"Hey, Zak."She smiled at him like he was the world to her.

"Hey, Maya and Yasmeen."I turn on my phone to see an email from school.

"Are you feeling better than yesterday?"I turned to see Zak giving me a worried look.

"I'm fine."He gave me a small smile.

The incident from last week was terrible. School got canceled and water was getting heavy. Since I was with him and Josh. It kinda was weird. I mean the next few days we were just at our own homes and I got sick.

I mean I get sick every month. Don't be surprised when I'm sick next month with a sore throat.

"Do you guys want to hang out at my place, my mother wouldn't mind?"I shook my head as Maya smiled.

"Perfect, we could go right now!"She said as he nods smiling.

I turn my head and continue to look at my phone.

"Dear Almas Yasmeen Khan,

Due to the fact, your grades are very high and in very difficult classes. We Promote you to take this class for next semester, to help students as you teach. Would you like that offer?

We also have another offer. You'll be sent to a hospital nearby and study, and also work. It will also help your study and also get you started on the job. That's an offer too.

It would help you get into a nursing school and get you ready for the medical university to accept you.

If you have any questions please see Vice Principle tomorrow after school.

Thank you!"

What!!! This is not happening! I can't believe it. My achievements and life goals. I'm just so proud. Now not only I'll study but also get money to pay for my tuition.

Sometimes Allah is amazing and I love him for that. I'm just kidding. Allah is always amazing and he's always by my side.

Inshallah, I'll start working on this and go tomorrow morning. Yeah, that's a rest idea. I can't miss this chance. And I hope I don't.

"What are you looking at?"She asked me as I shook my head.

"Just the school saying I have to teach or start going to the hospital, nothing else."She pouts and then out of nowhere she grinned!

"Wait? So you're going to work and be a student. Without a degree, girl you are lucky."

"Congratulations my beautiful sister."She said hugging me as I groan.

"Stop it."She laughs hugging me tightly.

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