Chapter 5

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{ Love Lies ~ Khalid Feat Normani }

"Hey, girl."I felt someone jump on my back and I groan.

"Maya, can you be normal for once?" I asked her annoyed as she smiled at me putting her finger up.

"No."She waved her hands around as I rolled my eyes.


I heard and saw Zak smiling at her as I shook my head leaving.

"You're not leaving!"I felt pulled on my arm and I sighed.

"Yes Zak."She smiled as she put her arm around mine.

"What's up?"

"I was wondering if you can talk to Ms.Khan for me soon, for help?"He smiled nervously as she creased her eyebrows.

"Yeah sure, and hey did you ever meet my friend Yaz, Yaz this is Zak!"She told me as I nod and he just looked at me.

"You look familiar."

"Ah she has that face, from movies."She told him as he nods.

"Nice to meet you."I nod and looked at my watch.

"Maya I got to go, see you later."she pouted as I start to walk away.

I just say bismillah before I get into my first class. This is going to a long day! Why? I hate this teacher!

"How is my beautiful friend doing?"Maya asked me as I shook my head.

"Ugly yes, beautiful, no."She frowns and pats my back.

"Something wrong? Your sound different."I nod at her question.

"I'm fine, I just go over to my parent's house this weekend."I told her as she chuckles.

"Don't worry it won't be bad."she told me as she put her arm around my shoulder.

I wish you knew!

"Dude don't worry."she told me as I sighed and looked at her.

"You don't understand."I told her and walked ahead of her.

"Yah Yaz Wait"she almost yelled as I just hear my phone ring.


I grab my phone and see my parents number. My mother's for sure.


I answer.

"Salam Khob asti?" (Hello, How are you?)

"What do you want mother?"

"Echi, salam migom" (Nothing just wanted to say Hello!)

She always says this, she's lying. She wants to say something but she's going to say when I get there tonight.

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