Chapter 3

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{ Youngblood ~ 5 Seconds Of Summer }

I put on my black hijab and sighed. I grab a black sweater and put it on. I put blue jeans and black shoes on. I looked at the mirror. Yes, I could be a teacher for kids. I can teach the Quran and Farsi.

"Yaz are you ready? Because I'm not."I heard Maya say as I start walking out the door.

I grab my bag and phone. I look at the time on the clock which was on the wall. 5:03.

"Maya it's almost 7:10 am."I said as she came out of her room, throwing her bag around her shoulder.

"Ready!"I rolled my eyes and grabbed the keys from the kitchen counter.

Then I walked out of the house with her. I closed the door and went to the elevator. I got inside and stand there with Maya until we get to the last floor.

"So how are you with the New guy, I noticed he keeps staring at you."I looked at her and she looked at me with a cheerful smile.

"Nothing why? I don't even know him."I told her as she chuckles.

"Come on just remember maybe you know."

I shook my head as I looked to see the elevator door open and stop at the number 5.

"Uh..hello."I looked to see Zak in front of us as I just nod.

"Maya right?"he asked her as I scoot to the left for some room.


She asked him as I grab my phone putting my earphones on listening some 5 seconds of summer.

I love their new song Youngblood. I don't know why it gets to my heart, but it does. And plus they grew a lot. I'm not obsessed with them as like other people but yeah, I just like their music.

I heard this conspiracy theory that any music you listen to has subliminal messages. Which sounds creepy and sounds like your going to follow the devil. But who knows. I think it could be true.

I listen to music sometimes but I listen and read the Quran more. Sometimes books in different languages. I don't know why but that's just me.

"Almas, you coming?"I looked up from my phone screen and see Maya smiling.

She calls me Almas only because I wear a hijab. It's a Muslim name, after all, even Yasmeen but she likes Almas because it fits me. And Almas means a gem in Farsi.

"Yeah, what would I be doing in the elevator!"I giggled as she chuckles walking away.

I walked out and turn my head to see the elevator closes. Sometimes when I look at the elevator I just think most times. Do you know how all the levels go down in each number? Or when you get up the levels go up. It's kinda like life? Life speeds up but you'll be in the same place and can't go back even if you want to.

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