Chapter 15

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{ Better Now ~ Post Malone }

I walked by school and saw flowers in front of me.

"Here you go!"I heard and he hands it to me as I look to see Hamza.

"Hamza, thank you they are beautiful, but why?"I asked him as he looked at my wrist.

"I just want you to be happy."He told me and I looked at the flowers.

"Thank you."

"But, why aren't you smiling?"he asked sadly.

"Oh, I haven't smiled in a while. I forgot how to."I said sadly as he pulled my chin up and smiled.

"I'll get that frown upside down."He said patting my head and looked at the time.

"I have to go to work, I'll see you later."I nod as he walked away to a White Jeep.

He left and my eyes land to the flowers. I smelled them and sighed. It smelled amazing.

I walked inside and looked at the person in front of me. My brother's friend. Jalam. He looked at my flower on my hand then at my wrist. He glared at me and called someone on the floor.

The next thing you know I saw Maya by me.

"The second time you've gotten flowers. That's sweet, who gave it to you?"She asked me and I looked at them.

"Hamza."I said and heard someone yell from the hall.


I turned to see my brother in rage walking to me. Why is he here? And that angry!

"You need to come with me."He pulled my left wrist and took me out of school.

"Let me go, brother!"I told him and we were out of school to his car.

He pushed me in and I got inside. He sat in the driver seat while I was in the shotgun.

"What's wrong with you?"I exclaimed as he looked at me with anger.

"Who gave you those flowers and what happened to your wrist?"I just put my hand up and he looked at it.

"Y...your getting married."He gulped and I sighed.

"It was my fiancé's flowers."I told him saying the word that just made me feel upset.

"And the wrist?"

I sighed looking at it still in it's white wrap. It was still bleeding. I guess I went to deep.

"I...I hurt myself with..with a lamp."I said as his eyes widen.

"Be careful."I nod and he looked at my finger then at me.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"I shook my head.

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