Chapter 4

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★{ Thunderclouds ~ LSD, Sia, Dilpo, And Labrinth}

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{ Thunderclouds ~ LSD, Sia, Dilpo, And Labrinth}

"Good Morning class!"I said as Zak gave me a paper.

"Schedule."He told me as I nod taking it and looking at it.

"You want to learn Farsi?"

"Sounds cool."I gave it back and nod.

This is making me nervous, but why? This is just nerve-racking. His smile makes it so unreal. What the hell am I saying now?

"You can sit with Hassan, raise your hand Hassan!"I said as he raised his hand smiling widely.

"Thank you."Zak told me walking to his seat that made me gulp.

I start checking homework and answering questions. I gave a book to Zak as he smiled.

"I thought I was supposed to pay in front."

I shook my head and went to the board and start teaching them. It wasn't long until I finished giving them a break.

"Now Everyone don't forget your homework!"I said when the bell rang and they scramble away.

"I'll meet you after school, is that okay?"I nod as he left smiling and I shook my head.

This is giving me a headache. Not only he is in my Farsi one class but he's in my Quran 3 Honors class. How is this even possible!

"Hey, Ms.Khan."I turned to see Sayeed smiling holding an envelope.

"Yes?"I asked him as handed me the envelope.

"Is this for your tutoring request?"I asked him as he nods.

"Mr.Muhammad, but you don't have to pay for it. I'll come by tomorrow Okay."I said as he smiled and I give it back.

"Don't pay me okay, even if your mother asks don't, I don't need it."I said smiling as he nods taking it.

I mean I do need it but for this particular reason, I don't need it. I don't want to be greedy and take money just because I work for him. I want him to know that I can help even with a penny.

"Now go home before you get a cold"I told him and chuckled as he nods bowing then runs away.

"Almas!"I felt a hug and pushed to see Maya smiling.

"How was teaching, you're lucky to teach!"She kept babbling while I looked to see the kid with his mother.

I wish I had a mother like that. It's a good thing his mother is a caring person than my mother is.

The mother waved and I waved back. They both leave and I look at them leave.

"Are you listening?"I hum and she shook her head.

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