Chapter 5: Upgrade

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Anyways, it's now November: homecoming time. 

It's girls ask boys so naturally I asked Rolfe with a baseball pun. Something along the lines of "You're such a catch. Homecoming with you will be such a hit. Let's have a ball!" I had to explain the pun to him but he's excited that I used a sports pun even though he didn't understand it at first.


Allow me to explain. Rolfe and I are dating now and it's almost our one month anniversary.

I first started hanging out with Rolfe to piss Cody off. He was my ex and I wanted to make him jealous. It didn't work. He moved on surprisingly fast with the school's biggest slut: Tanya Cummings. She's also the prettiest girl in the senior class if not the entire school. She has light chocolate skin, deep brown eyes, wavy hair, and plump pink lips. All the guys want her and all the girls want to be her. Cody seems beyond content. After all, I've heard rumors of them fucking everywhere on campus: from empty classrooms to janitor's closets to the boys locker room, they've left nowhere untouched, or "unfucked". I even accidentally walked in on them once with Rolfe. We were trying to find an empty study room in the library so I could help him study for a Spanish test when we walked in on them... well... you get the idea.

It broke my heart when I first saw them making out by the lockers not even two days after our messy breakup.

If Cody had already moved on I decided I should too. I had found out after working together for the Spanish project that he had liked me for a while. I decided to give Rolfe a chance and I discovered he had more personality than I had initially expected. Not by much, but he was at least substantially more interesting than a cardboard box.

Regardless, I enjoyed his company and a few dates later, we made our relationship official. We are a happy couple now and life is okay.

I haven't spoken to Cody since the incident and I don't plan to speak to him ever again. He will graduate in the spring and leave my life forever. Too bad that's like seven months away.

I also moved into back my parent's house. I got the majority of my clothes back and a few other things but I haven't had the nerve to go back to Cody's house to get the rest of my stuff as well as the car he bought me. Anyways, I'm pretty sure he's re-gifted it to that Tanya slut. 

Not that I care anyway.

As for my sex life? It's meh. Let's just say Rolfe's penis is about as big as my thumb. I just don't get off on just penetration anymore... but that's completely fine! With my teaching, his tongue has become quite proficient.

I go to all of his baseball games and I'm starting to understand the rules. 

Key word: starting. It's a process. 

I still don't understand why there's another position in between second and third base. But who knows?

Baseball is big in my area and my school has it year round. I've become friends with a few of them like Westley, Rhett, and Zane.

As for Jen, she and Landon started dating and she hangs out with him and the football team everyday so I haven't seen much of her lately. She's befriended some of the other girls that hang around them. I hate how one of those girls is none other than Tanya, who according to Jen is actually really cool which I declare BS.

I've been hanging out with the baseball team and the entourage of girls who fawn over them. They're actually pretty nice. I befriended a few of them including Hannah, Lelia, and Carly but none of them compare to Chelsea and Jen. Since Jen and I have different friend groups, Chelsea has been my rock these past two months. 

Speak of the devil, I spot Chelsea up ahead and jog to catch up. 

"Hey boo." I tap her shoulder and she smiles sheepishly. Earlier today she texted me that she had to tell me something important. It's obvious she's rather nervous.

"What was it you wanted to tell me?" 

"Guess who has landed invites to a super cool after party for HOCO?"

"Omg, you got us invites to Spencer Holloway's party?"

"Yes!" Cody used to get me and my friends into all the cool parties but now we have to fend for ourselves.

"That's amazing! Now let's get you a date!"

We both chuckle.

Chelsea is never the type to have dates. She always likes to fly solo but she never fails to hook the most hot guys in for the night stay though. That girl is gorgeous and she sure does get around. Her body count must be more than I can count on two hands. But who can blame her? If I had the curves and confidence she has, I would do the same! 

Now that we've found an after party, all that's left to be done before homecoming is to get my dress! 


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