Chapter 3: Mission Infuckingpossible

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I creep inside being careful to shut the door carefully behind me without making a sound. I don't bother to lock it because my plan involves a quick exit.

I crawl up the stairs while so I can hide behind the banister as an extra precaution. My room is located in Cody's wing, which consists of the entire right section of the second floor. It's essentially a long hallway leading up to the master suite. The other rooms down the hall Cody turned into my room, another guest room, a personal arcade, game room, an upstairs mini kitchen (essentially a snack room), a movie room, and even a spa room. Cody likes to be pampered too.

were supposed to be other bedrooms but he transformed them into other functions such as a personal arcade, a snack room, and a movie room. Well a second movie room. He has two now. The other is on the third floor.

My parents made sure my room was on the opposite side of the hallway separated by the main hall with the grand staircase. Though I mostly sleepover in Cody's room but on occasion I'll sleep by myself.

I sneak to the door of my room and cautiously twist the knob. Holding my breath I take a step inside and gently close the door.

I grab my Jansport backpack off my bed and start shoving stuff inside. My charger, a sweatshirt, and my sunglasses. Aka the necessities. I almost forget my keys but I quickly snatch them before opening the door to the hallway.

I gasp when I'm met with Cody's less-than-amused expression standing at my door frame with arms folded tightly. Fortunately my reflexes react fast enough and I slam the door in his face, breathing fast and heart beating out of my chest.

Woah there. I was not expecting that... 

I click the lock on the door so he can't come in before sliding down the back of the door frame, holding my face with my hands. 

How did he know I was here? I groan out loud. 

What's my next move?

Oh yeah, to escape.

I'm so absorbed in thought that I don't hear the bathroom door open. I only look up when I hear the sound of a throat being cleared.

Cody leans casually on the doorframe with the most evil smirk on his face. I spring into action and run out the previously locked door.

Curse you shared bathrooms!! My bathroom is adjoined to the room next door! I totally forgot!

I hear him shout "Baby stop running. Just accept your punishment like a good girl. It'll only get worse the more you run away."

I take off running down the stairs and I'm at the door almost about to open it when I'm forcefully pushed against the wall. Cody's body presses my small frame against the glass, not letting me escape. I was so close.

But yet so far.

"Stop it Cody! Let me go!" I shout, angered by his attempt at forcefully keeping me here.

My face is sandwiched in between Cody's chest and the cold glass door. Both are as hard as rocks.

"Oww, Cody this hurts!"


I struggle to get out of this uncomfortable position and he eventually flips me so I'm facing him with my back pressed against the wall. There's a fire in his eyes that threatens to explode. I try to shrink into my nonexistent turtle shell. 

I sometimes forget I'm not a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

"Why did you try running away from me?" He snarls.

"Cody get off of me. I'm leaving." I try to push him off again. This only adds further fuel to his fire. He grabs both my wrists tightly and pins them above my head before lowering his face down to mine.

"I said: WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO RUN?" I wince as the intensity of his stare overwhelms me.

"I... um," I stutter, unable to form coherent sentences. All I feel right now is the pressure of his hands cutting off the circulation in my wrists and the heat of his deathly stare.

"P-lease Co... Cody... s-top it!"

"That's not what I asked, slut!"

"I-I'm scared..."

"You should be. After what stunt you pulled today you should be terrified." Cody transitions so that he is only holding my wrists with one hand while the other confiscates my phone, my backpack, and my keys.

Why is he so angry? And why am I so afraid of him? It's just Cody! Without his stare pinning me down anymore, I knock some sense back into myself. Suddenly my fear turns into anger. 

"It wasn't even that bad! You're overrea..."

Cody covers my mouth with the palm of his hand. "Shut up and be a good girl and perhaps daddy won't punish you too bad."

"Cody, I'm really not in the mood for this right now. Just let me go." Is what I tried to say but it just came out like "Cowyyy eeerelli emniten zha meud aer wis!"

Ignoring my gibberish, Cody holds my wrist firmly and begins to drag me towards the stairs. I resist and he slams me back against the wall with his hands pinning my mine above my head.

"Skylar I told you once but now I'll tell you again. Behave." 

"No! Not when you're acting like such a douchebag! Why are you always so possessive, huh? I told you nothing happened because NOTHING DID HAPPEN! Why can't you get that through that thick skull of yours? Why don't you trust me?" 

His expression doesn't even change. He locks the door stoically and puts the key in his pocket before dragging me up the stairs and declaring without even turning to look at me. 

"Skylar, you're really in for it now."

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