Chapter 13: Biology Fiasco

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A/N: I changed the last chapter a little bit so you might wanna go back and reread it! 

Saturday night was a blur. My memories are minimal and all I am left with is disconnecting puzzle pieces. 

I still haven't fully recovered from the weekend and I spent most of Sunday under my covers in sleepy town and hovered over the toilet. 

When Monday comes, I sure as hell don't want to go to school. I throw my hair up into a messy bun before slipping on leggings, boots, and a pink sweater and heading out the door. 

As I drive to school, my mind continues to swirl with how the heck I ended up tucked into my own bed. There are only three people that know where I hide the key: Chelsea, Rolfe, and Cody. The latter is totally out of the question; he hates me now and when I asked Chelsea, she said she had gone home with Justin that night. So I resolved it must've been Rolfe. I have to thank him when I see him. 

Unfortunately I couldn't find him in the morning so I resolved to talk to him later. In the meantime, my first class of the day is biology. Woohoo. Sike.

Mrs. Cooper stands up from her desk, addressing the class. "Good morning class. I'm excited for you all to turn in your projects 

My heart sinks. I didn't finish our project. I totally forgot. Amidst my vomiting fiasco yesterday, the project completely slipped my mind. 

"So you will be turning that into me at the end of class."

Mrs. Cooper clicks through a slide show as she discusses the parts of the cell as the class furiously tries to scribble down notes before she moves onto the next slide.

"There are three major components of the cytoskeleton: microtubules, microfilaments, and intermediate fibers. The microtubules are located..." she drones on.

"Ugh." I sigh outwardly. I have way to much on my mind right now to care about microfilawhatsits and intermediate whoevencares. I don't even bother taking notes as I let my attention drift to the window on the other side of the classroom. 

I am still trying to piece together what happened Saturday night. I see tiny bits and pieces such as entering the party with Rolfe, dancing with Chelsea, and taking shots. I also have random glimpses of someone holding my wrists above my head though I cannot discern who it was.

The bell rings. I shake my head, confused and dazed. I'm imagining things again, but to make sure, I need to talk to Rolfe.

"Okay class, good work today. Turn in your projects on my desk on your way out. I look forward to reading them." Okay, the panic returns. This project counts for a large percentage of the marking period and I absolutely cannot get a zero on this. 

The rest of the class drops their papers on the desk before leaving and I take slow steps up to her desk where she is seated. The room is quiet and I take a deep breath, gaining Mrs. Cooper's attention.

"Yes?" Mrs. Cooper lowers her thick rimmed glasses and eyes me up and down.

"Well you see, Mrs. Cooper, there was a sort of incident this weekend and I was really sick yesterday and you see, the project completely slipped my mind and I was wondering if I could get some extra time..." I nervously fumble with the ring I'm wearing.

She rolls her eyes. "You had ample time to get this project done, Skylar."


"No 'buts' Skylar. I'm sorry but if the project isn't done, then you're getting a zero.

"You can't do that! My 4.0 will be tarnished... I won't get into college!" I beg, tears threatening to spill out.

"I'm afraid I don't care. If you want someone to blame, blame yourself. Now if you'll excuse me," Mrs. Cooper collects all the papers and begins standing up when the door to her classroom opens abruptly, revealing my worst nightmare 

Upon seeing his face, my mind floods with a memory from Saturday night and it appears to me in a That's So Raven flashback kind of style.

I remember my eyes flew open to reveal my bedroom and a figure sitting in front of me. He's blurry at first but after I rub my eyes recognition immediately floods my being. But why do I see his face so close to mine? Where's Rolfe? I mean, it was Rolfe that took me home that night, right?

I shake my head, bringing myself back to the present moment. Cody takes three big strides up to Mrs. Cooper's desk, meanwhile not making eye contact with me or even acknowledging my existence. He places the stapled paper he was holding into her hands before exiting the classroom without even a word.

Mrs. Cooper lowers her glasses and reads the cover page before looking up to me in confusion. "It appears that you did finish the project, Miss Reed."

"Uh yeah... I forgot. Cody didn't tell me he printed it out... hahah." I smile nervously before bolting out of the classroom as soon as she sits back down at her desk.

I don't know what just happened. Cody doesn't ever try in school anymore. He's always had amazing grades, partly because he's incredibly smart and also because the teachers like him and give him A's just because. I mean, he's this school's golden boy after all. 

The problem though is that he told me before that he didn't even want nor care about this project so why did he do it?

I'm still confused but I do know one thing for sure: I owe Cody a major thank you.


Hey guys, sorry it's been like two weeks since I've posted a chapter. I haven't forgotten about you guys! I've just been HELLA busy with college apps and now that the November 1 deadline has passed and my classes have calmed down a little, I should be posting more often.

Anyways... question time:

1) Anyone taking biology this year too?

2) What do you think Rolfe is gonna do when she asks him about Saturday night? Will he lie or will he tell her the truth?

Find out in the next chappy which will be posted soon (hopefully)

I love you guys xoxo


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