Chapter 31: Tied Down

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"What's wrong?" I lean over the table, watching my best friend in disbelief. We are sitting at an obscure corner of the library. Chelsea pulled me over here at the beginning of study hall. We do this only when there's hot gossip, which is most days.

"I'm upset. That's what's wrong." Chelsea huffs and puts on her pouty face.

"Aw, babe, what happened?" I lean over the table with a sympathetic look.

"It's J-Justin."

"What about Justin?" I ask, "Didn't you go have dinner at his parents' house?"


"I'm sorry it didn't go as well as you would have ho--"

"No, Sky. You don't get it. It actually went really well."

"Oh. What's the problem then?"

"His mom really likes me and wants me to come over more often..."

"And? I don't see a problem." I shrug.

"Let me finish," She takes a deep breath, probably for dramatic effect. "He said he wants to become exclusive and I... said yes."

"What! Chelsea, that's great!"

"Great? What do you mean, great? It's awful! You know how I'm terrified of commitment!"

Rolling my eyes, I stare at my bff. "But why not give it a try?"

"I guess I have to at this point," she grumbles, her palms pressing into her eye sockets in frustration.

"This will be good for you, you'll see. Justin is a great guy AND he has a more than satisfactory sized dick from what you've told me, " I add with a wink.

"Ugh, okay. You're right," she peaks up at me through her hands with a smile, "But now you have to tell me about your weekend. I've heard quite a few rumors about you leaving with Cody AND not telling me about it until now. So SPILL!"

"I uh got really drunk," I start.

"Yes, we know. You do have a tendency to do that."

Shaking my head, I continue. I wish I could say said I don't remember much from that night but the thing is, I remember everything. From the strip tease in the front yard of the house to throwing up in Cody's guest room... I remember it all. My face flushes red with embarrassment as I recall the embarrassing things I said and did this weekend.

"So you guys kissed not once, not twice, but three times!?"

"What can I say? A drunk Skylar is a horny Skylar," I shrug as if it is no big deal.

Chelsea is still trying to process the situation. "So you guys didn't smash?"

"Nope," I respond, popping the "p."

"That's so unlike him," Chelsea thinks out loud.

"Yeah," I agree, leaning back in my chair, "He said something about not wanting to take advantage of me when I'm drunk."

"Hmm... Well do you know what you'll say to him today when you see him?"

 "When?" I chuckle, "As if."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Obviously I'm going to avoid him today."

"Why? Don't you want his dick?" 

"I'm embarrassed! You should have seen the way I was acting," I sigh.

"And? Alcohol does that to you! You have to talk to him today!"

"What am I supposed to say anyways?"

"Say thank you!"

"Ugh," I stand up, pushing my books into my backpack and zipping it up. 

"Come on, Sky. You guys are meant for each other. Just go talk to him."

"Fine," I lie, slinging my backpack over one shoulder before pushing in my chair.

"Right now," she sits back in her chair wearing a smug expression.

"No." I shake my head vigorously.



"Come on! He has study hall right now too!"

"Noooo," I whine.

"I bet you he'll kiss you again," she adds with a wink.

"Stop, Chels. This is why I don't tell you anything."

"What do you mean? You tell me everything," she preens with a hair flip.


"You're going right now." She stands up and points to the door. "March." I comply with a groan.


Sorry for the shitty chapter but I wanted to get something out today. Next chapter will get heated with her encounter with Cody so get excited for that! 

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What do we think of Chelsea finally getting tied down by Justin? Is this good for her or will she implode?

See you in the next chappie my beautiful readers!


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