Chapter 14: A Whole New Meaning to Pole Vaulting

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I walk into the cafeteria and I see Rolfe talking to Westley and Quinn over by our table.

"Hi Rolfey. Hi Westley, Quinn," I smile, nodding towards his two friends as I say hello to both of them. They both say hey.

"Hey baby," Rolfe smiles, leaning over to kiss my cheek.

"Can I talk to you about something really fast, Rolfe?" My heart beats in my chest and I don't know why.

"Uh... sure yeah baby," he looks down at me with a worried expression before glancing back at Westley and Quinn who wear similar expressions before he says, "I'll be right back guys."

I pull him outside the lunch room so we can have some privacy.

"Soo... what's up?" His voice slightly cracks. Is he nervous?

"I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me Saturday night. It really meant a lot to me." I blush, gazing into his eyes.

"Hm?" He leans closer as if he hadn't heard me.

"I was a total drunken mess and I'm so thankful to have you to look out for me."

"Yeah of course baby, anything for you." He squeezes my hand before I pull him in for a quick peck on the lips before we had walked back to the lunchroom.


"So how was the drunken sex Saturday night?" Chelsea whispers, leaning over her math textbook to get closer.

"There wasn't any as far as I know of. I was so out of it, Chels. Rolfe had to take me home early that night. I drank way too much."

"Are you sure?" Chelsea asks, a worried expression appearing on her face.

"I mean, I don't remember it exactly but I just assumed. Also I thanked him for it earlier."

"That's weird," Chelsea leans back, "I coulda sworn I saw him still there when I left around 1 A.M."

"Maybe he came back after dropping me off?" I suggest.

"That's a possibility."

"Chelsea, Skylar, stop talking or else I'll put you in detention. You're supposed to be working not chatting!" Mr. Anderson snaps at us from the front of the room.

After class I walk with Chelsea to the library for study hall. 

"So a little birdie told me that you went home with a certain someone after homecoming." I tease. She looks up from her english book and smiles.

"Well that little birdie might just be correct. Haha didn't I texted you about it?"

"Well yeah, but... details?" I exclaim.

Chelsea chuckles before leaning forward across the table. "Okay so imagine this. I pull down his pants expecting some large dong, right?" 


"And what I see is a mere 5 inches!" 

"That's not even bad. Like, that's above the normal length."

"No, but wait there's more! So I start pumping him, right?" she begins.

"Right." I roll my eyes at her bluntness.

"And all of the sudden, he starts to grow and grow and you're not gonna believe this, but grow some more! Sky, at his biggest he was like 8 inches!"

Hm. He's two less than Cody when he's hard... 

"And boy was he thick! I felt like I was being impaled by a flag pole!" My eye brows raise in confusion. She quickly adds, "In the best way possible! And the sex, oh the sex! The sex was AMAZING! I've never came so many times in one go! It was like his penis was an orgasmic gun! Like no joke, Justin's an actual greek god!"

"Chelsea," I try to interrupt, but she continues her babbling.

"I swear not even Zeus could pleasure a woman like he can! Words cannot describe how great it was, Sky! He just really knows how to use his thang!" she says the last part with a touch of sass.

"That's awesome, Chels, but I have to tell you something..." 


"Just look behind you," I giggle.

She looks over her shoulder and immediately turns back around, attempting to sink into her hoodie to hide. "Why didn't you tell me he was standing right behind me?" She whisper yells.

I shrug, "I tried to..." Chelsea's cheeks flush a dark shade of crimson and my lips bend into a smirk as I see Justin smiling like he just one a million bucks. "I mean he seemed to be enjoying himself." 

"Hi Chelsea," Justin chuckles, walking up to beside her.

Chelsea whips around and yells, "H-how much did you hear?" 

"Starting with the part where you said my cock was like a pole." 

Chelsea curses under her breath, eyes averted to the ground. Justin leans over to her level and tilts up her chin, forcing her to lock eyes with him. She stutters out a sorry for embarrassing him but he presses his index finger on her lips to silence her with a calm "shhh". 

"If you want to make it up to me, then you will come with me to the teacher's lounge immediately for a round two." Chelsea's jaw drops and I remain across the table sitting back in my chair watching this all unfold with imaginary movie theatre popcorn in my hands.

"What do you say, beautiful?" He coos.

Chelsea nods her head vigorously. 

"Sorry Skylar, but duty calls!" She giggles, sending a giddy wink my way before grabbing her backpack and walking away with Justin.

Now I'm alone. 

But good for Chelsea. She's getting the D while I'm sitting here doing my homework so I don't get a D. 

Speak of that, where is Rolfe? Usually he sits with us. Maybe he has a baseball game and had to leave early?

I scan the room to find that Cody is also sitting alone. Where are Landon, Hanley, Bray, and Tanya?

Heck, where is everyone today?

I take this perfect opportunity to go thank Cody for his help with completing the biology project and let's just say it goes quite opposite of what I expected...


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