Chapter 8: Plaid Skirts

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"Rolfe yes baby right there. Don't stop." 

I lean my head back on the pillow and moan loudly as he continues thrusting into me. I raise my hips with each of his thrusts, allowing his member to slide deeper into my dripping bud. 

Usually, Rolfe's 3 inch willy doesn't do it for me. I guess I'm just so accustomed to having Cody's 10 incher roughly pounding my walls. But this time is different. 

"R-Rolfe," I moan his name through gritted teeth and he begins to sloppily kiss my neck. "I'm g-gonna cum..." 

"Me too, baby. I... I... so c... cl-ose!"

Suddenly the door barges open and a shocked gasp escapes both of our mouths. Rolfe quickly climbs off of me and hides under the covers as we both peek at the ajar door. In the door frame, Chelsea leans to the side, her arms wrapped around her stomach, as she doubles over in laughter. 

Moment ruined.

"Chelsea, have you ever heard of knocking?" I'm furious because I was finally getting off to penetration with Rolfe when Chelsea had to walk in and interrupt us!

"Yeah, but you how was I supposed to know you guys would be bumping cootchies at 7:30 in the morning!"

"Ughh," I groan. I am instantly losing my libido and I can tell so is Rolfe. 

"Well, I leave you two to it then... but quickly cuz school starts in like 30 minutes and I don't want to be late so quickly please!" 

Chelsea snorts in laughter as she shuts the door loudly behind her. We're so turned off at this point. Ugh, Chelsea.

I am the first to get out of bed. I walk over to the closet to pick out clothes while Rolfe goes into the en suite bathroom to relieve himself. 

This morning I woke up extremely horny. I had a sex dream about he who shall not be named. Why can't I get him out of my head?! Anyways, I told Rolfe to come over early so we could get busy before he drove Chelsea and I to school. We all live near each other so it's convenient. It almost worked if Chelsea hadn't barged in. 

I close my closet doors, deciding on a plaid skirt with a pink sweater. It's getting colder outside, another reminder that homecoming is this Friday! I can't believe it's already October. But I'm excited for sweater weather.


"Hey Sky, I was thinking after we win the game today we could go to Quinn's house to celebrate. How does that sound?" Rolfe asks after I take my seat next to him at the table for lunch.

"Sounds good," I smile up at him, sipping chocolate milk. 

"Are you coming to the game tonight?" 

"I can't, remember? I have to cheer at the football game today!" 

"Why can't cheerleaders cheer on the baseball team?" Genuine disappointment reads on Rolfe's face. It's actually kinda cute. I just want to squish his face... wait that's weird. I just want to make him smile.

"We are. On Wednesday," I reply, "So I'll be at the game Wednesday," 

"Really?" I watch his face perk up and my heart warms. It didn't occur to him? We've cheered his games before and I've gone to nearly all of them after practice. Maybe he just forgot?

"Yeah. Of course." I reply sweetly.

Chelsea pipes in, "Ugh. Stop it you love birds. We get it. You're a couple. Ew." We giggle, ignoring Chelsea's plea.

All of the sudden, everyone's attention is drawn to the front of the room. Chelsea, being the nosy bad bitch that she is, stands up on her chair to see what's going on. People are crowding around whatever is happening at the front of the lunch room. 

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