Chapter 24: Way-Too-Cute-To-Be-Legal

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Cody's POV

Fuck you Skylar and fuck biology class!

Fuck Skylar and her mannerisms that are way-too-cute-to-be-legal. I cannot sit still when she does that adorable thing when she squints her eyes really tight when she's confused and trying to process something. My heart squeezes in my chest every time and I want to punch something. Even worse is when she bites the tip of her pen when she's in deep thought. Every time I see her doing it, Cody Jr. stands up at attention and won't stop throbbing. It drives me crazy. Fuck!

I press the palms of my hands into my eyes to try and wipe my mind of anything so I can calm down. I hear a voice to my left.

"Cody? You alright, baby?" Tanya. Ew, I shutter.

"Yeah, just frustrated."

"You have a tent in your pants, Cody. Let me help you with that..." 

"No!" I nearly yell. The class looks at me for a second and my face goes red. After a moment, class resumes and I whisper "I mean, no. Not right now."

She scoffs, "Ugh fine. I'll just have to wait."

I turn my attention back to the teacher, but of course, like the studious smart ass she is, Skylar sits in the front row wearing a high ponytail and... FUCK... biting on the tip of her pen as she diligently takes notes.

Oh boy what I would do to bend her over that desk, rip her clothes to shreds, and teach her a lesson about what happens when she teases me like this. She knows it drives me crazy... After I'm done with her, she wouldn't be able to walk for weeks. I'd have to carry her bridal style everywhere. I'd hold her close to my chest, never letting her go so that every breath I take I will be indulging in her sweet fragrance...

Shit. I'm so fucking hard. My dick throbs and begs for her attention. I'm squirming in my seat waiting for the moment when the bell rings and study hall begins. Thankfully that moment comes sooner rather than later and I burst out of my seat faster than a jack-in-the-box, grab Tanya's wrist, taking her by surprise, and pulling us both out of the classroom. 

I don't care who it's from. I just need something to help me release and it sure as hell can't be Skylar. I need to work on getting over her...

So yeah even though Tanya and I broke up, I can still use that mouth of hers to my advantage.  


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