Chapter 12: Sleeping Beauty

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Cody's POV

Skylar's an idiot. Rolfe is a horrible boyfriend. And Hanley is a horny asshole.

"Dude, chill out," Hanley tries to calm me down as he grips Skylar's waist tighter. "You have Tanya now. Why can't I have some of your leftovers!?" 

"She has a boyfriend." I grit my teeth.

"Yeah! And that boyfriend is not you! I don't see your problem man," Hanley tightens his grip on my princess, causing me to growl like a Wattpad werewolf. The alcohol is getting to my head...

"He's one of those asshole baseball players! Me hooking up with her would show those bat swinging bastards who's boss around here," Hanley tries to reason with me, but my sense are all set on one thing: protecting my princess.

"Put. Skylar. Down." 

"Chill out dude," Hanley tightens his grip on Skylar, pulling her into his chest as she contorts her face indicating confusion. God, why does she have to be so cute.

"Don't make me beat the shit out of you."

"Fine Cody, be like that." He shoves Skylar onto the floor, but I catch her before she can hit the ground. I immediately pick her up bridal style and storm out of the room. 

I call an Uber and take my little sleeping beauty home. 

Upon entering her house, so many memories of when we were younger flood back into my mind and a twinge of sadness twists at my heart like a knife.

Skylar is still unconscious in my arms and the warmness of her body against mine makes me tingle inside. As soon as I enter her bedroom, my heart throbs. The room looks so familiar but at the same time it feels like a distant memory. Her smell fills the room and I begin to miss her dearly. Old memories flood back into my mind like rushing water from a broken dam.

I carry my princess bridal style to her soft bed before pulling up the covers and tucking her in, making sure to lean her on her side just in case she needs to throw up. With that thought, I go get a towel from her bathroom to lay under her just in case she does vomit. I know she would be absolutely devastated to ruin her favorite white comforter. 

Without even realizing it, I pull up her desk chair near her bed so I can watch her to make sure she's okay. She moves around a lot in her sleep and I don't want her flipping around on her back and then vomiting, choking, and dying. I would never forgive myself if something bad happened to her.

And so I just sit and watch her chest move up and down with the sweet sound of her gentle breathing. She looks so at peace and comfortable. I just want to get under the covers and snuggle with her delicate frame, even for just a little bit. My heart swells at the idea of her body snuggled up to mine again, her head on my chest, our legs entwined, and our arms wrapped around each other tightly, never letting go.

Just then Skylar's eyes open and she sits up, rubbing her eyes and staring at me confused. 

"C-Cody?" she mumbles. I panic.

"Go to sleep, Skylar." 

"But I wanted to... wait a second... Alfredo...? But wait..." She rambles senselessly and I can't help but smile. Her cheeks are rosy and flushed from all she drank tonight. Her expression shows genuine confusion with furrowed eyebrows and her lips pushed to the side of her mouth.

She is so gosh darn cute. I can't help it. I have the sudden urge to slip into the fort of pillows she calls a bed and cuddle her back to sleep, but the sleep fairy beats me to it and I watch as her eyelids grow heavier, drooping naturally, until they refuse to remain open. It isn't long before I know my little princess has fallen back asleep.

She leans on her side, arms curled up and mouth wide open, drool coming out. I chuckle and reach over to wipe it away but my phone pings, snapping me back into the present moment.

It's Tanya. I groan, not wanting to deal with her right now, but thankful my senses returned to me. I can't be doing this. I can't be here right now. Skylar made it very clear she didn't want to be with me after I acted stupidly and tried to force myself on her. I... just can't stand losing her... I wish I hadn't been so protective over her. Maybe then we'd be cuddled up together in my bed at this very moment. 

I sigh, before stacking pillows behind her so she won't flip over onto her stomach and die, filling up a glass of water and leaving it on her bedside table along with a bottle of Advil for when she wakes up. I shut the door behind me without giving Skylar a second glance because  I know if I do, I won't be able to leave.


Short chappy but wowza. So this is how Cody's mind operates...
Keep in mind he's a little intoxicated so his emotions are magnified which is why he is so vulnerable in this chapter.

Have y'all changed your minds about Cody? Or is he still the same possessive asshole who doesn't deserve Skylar? 

What's going to happen when Skylar wakes up? Will she remember anything? Or when she sees Cody at school on Monday?

I tried to get this chappy out quickly in order to make up for the fact that I haven't posted much this past week or two. 

xoxo, Bea

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