Chapter 37: Pathetic Prick

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"If you don't separate the southern lands from the sky before winter, 
the king will be ripped from her throne."

 "How did you manage to derive that message from all of this nonsense?" I ask, my eyes scanning over the note once again.

"The 'sky' is clearly you, 'southern lands' kinda sounds like Sutherland, Cody's last name, and 'king' clearly refers to Kingsley, my last name." Damn, Chelsea should crack codes for a living. 

"What does the 'winter' part mean?"

"I believe it's referring to the Blake Winters concert we're going to next weekend." A worried look emerges on her face. 

"Who sent you this?"

"That's the thing. I have no clue. I'm just worried because it says I need to break you two up before the concert or else something bad's going to happen to me." 

"Have you told the boys about the note yet?" 

"No, I was afraid of their reaction. I wanted to tell you first." 

"Hmm. I think I have an idea."


"You absolutely disgust me!  The fact that I even considered getting back together with you completely baffles me!" I shout, practically spitting onto Cody's shocked face.

"You really don't mean that, Skylar. I know you don't," he replies, lips pressed into a line and eyes trained onto me like a hawk.

"Chelsea told me everything.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I can see his anger flare and intensify as the crowd around us grows bigger and bigger. 

"Damn it, Cody!" I slam the lockers with my fist. "You can stop it with that innocent bullshit! It's pathetic. You know what you did." 

"Skylar, are we really gonna do this here? Why are you making a scene!?" He gestures to the growing crowd circling around us, phones out and filming our every move.

"Yes Cody! I'm sick and tired of your lies! We're through." I spin around, angry at the crowd blocking my escape route. His hand reaches out to me, hoping that his touch will reignite our flame but I aggressively pull away from him, not having any of his shit.

"What part of 'I don't ever want to see your face again' don't you understand!?" I shout, forcefully making my way through the crowded hallway with him in tow and the crowd shuffling with us.

"Well you sure are one to talk! It's not like you're the perfect girlfriend either!" Cody shouts, his cheeks turning red as heat flows towards it. 

I turn back around, shocked by his audacity to turn the tables onto me. "Wow. Are you really trying to blame me for your actions? I've got to say, you're the most pathetic out of all of my exes."

"That really burns. I'd be upset, if only you were worth the pain. Why do you think I did what I did, Skylar? Huh?" I fight to maintain composure as he shouts in my face. My bottom lip firmly presses into my top one and my eyes unsuccessfully blink away the oncoming tears.

"No comeback, Sky?" Cody teases, his words dripping like venom. "Honestly, I'm disappointed in you."

"Just leave me alone, you pathetic prick. I'm sorry I ever met you." I storm off, this time Cody doesn't pursue me. Instead, he also storms off, but in the opposite direction. 

With intention in my step, I hurry over to the arts building, moving quickly to the second floor band room and closing the door behind me. The whole hallway is only used during a few class periods as well as after school so it makes the perfect secret meeting spot. The lights are off but I can make out two silhouettes across the room via light emerging through the blinds. 

"I'm back," I sigh, heading over to sit with the two shadows.

"Did you do it?" Chelsea asks, hope in her voice.

"Yep," I smile at a job well done. 

"Looks pretty intense based on everyone's snapchat stories..." Justin chimes in, holding out his phone for me to see. It's a video of me calling Cody a pathetic prick. I look so angry and upset.

"I'll survive," I shrug. Soon the door reopens and the final member to our group slips inside.

"What took you so long?" Chelsea asks.

"I stopped by the locker room to regain my composure. After all, I just went through the worst, most dramatic break up of my life," Cody explains.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." I roll my eyes before playfully slapping him on the shoulder. He reacts quickly, his hands moving to my waist and his fingers moving with intention. 

"You think that's funny, huh?" He teases meanwhile I'm bent over in pain as I try to escape his evil fingers. 

"St-hap t--tic--tickl-ing m-e! I-it h-urts!"

"Not until you say you're sorry for calling me a pathetic prick." 

"N-ev-ver!" I continue to mock him, even at my own expense. 

"Okay. I guess I'll keep going." His hands move up and down, tickling my sides and back. Eventually I can't take it anymore, begging for him to cease his devious assault.

"Okay fine! I give I give! I'm sorry for calling you a pathetic prick..." he stops, satisfied with my apology, but then I add with a smirk, "Even though you are one!" He gives me a devilish look before attacking once again, this time he tickles under my armpits. The secret weapon. It isn't long before I again beg for him to stop.

"Ugh. Get a room," Chelsea scoffs and Cody thankfully stops his assault, instead he pulls me back into his chest, wrapping his arms around me from behind and sinking his chin onto my shoulder. We both giggle, but my sides hurt from laughing too much. I lean into Cody for support. He pecks me twice on the neck.

"I'm uncomfortable," Chelsea rolls her eyes and Justin laughs, wrapping an arm around her. Desperate to change the subject, she asks, "So what do we do from here?"

"We keep on pretending, I guess," I shrug. "Hopefully whoever sent you the note will be convinced enough by Friday that they won't bother to follow us to Blake Winters." 


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