Chapter 25: Daydreams

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Cody kisses every inch of my body, calling me beautiful and caressing my skin with his gentle hands. When his trail finally reaches my lips, our kiss is passionate and hungry. My bud throbs in ecstasy as I feel him slide inside of me. My breath hitches as he fills me to the hilt and his fingers caress my cheek. He slides back out and then in, causing my body to lean up, allowing his cock to impale my dripping hole deeper. 

Through my breath escapes a whimper, followed by a moan as his assault on my aching bud increases speed and intensity. 

"Cody," I moan against his lips as my chest tightens. Just when I'm about to explode, he pushes all the way in but stops. Breaking the kiss, he lifts my chin to meet his gaze and I become once again entranced by his ocean blue eyes.

"Say that again," he requests sensually, biting his lip, before placing soft kisses along my jaw, "Say my name, princess."  

"Cody," I groan without even having to think and he starts moving again. Within two more strokes, together we explode into a million pieces. 

Cody collapses on top of me, his member still inserted deep inside its home. "Skylar," he whispers, pulling me tighter into his embrace, "I want you back so badly that it hurts." 

"You're my princess, Skylar. All mine. Forever and always. I love you." He whispers and the world begins to fade away.  

"Skylar please take me back," he begs. But I say nothing. "Please Skylar..." 

"Skylar!" someone yells, "Skylar, are you listening?" I'm pulled out of my daydream. 


An angry Mr. Jameson folds his arms at me. "Skylar, I asked you what your answer was for problem 17." 

"Oh. Right. Uh... the limit does not exist." This was totally a Mean Girls moment.

"That is correct. Moving on..." I heave a sigh of relief before turning to Chelsea and mumbling, "That was a close one." She giggles. 

"What were you thinking about, Sky? You seemed to really be into that day dream..."

"It was nothing!" I whisper shout defensively. Mr. Jameson is writing on the board and thankfully doesn't notice my outburst.

"Uh huh. So who's it now? It's obviously not Rolfe anymore... or is it?"


"Nah it wouldn't have been him... it must be--"

"How do you even know it was about a boy?"

She looks at me in disbelief before trailing her eyes to my desk and then back up at me. "Your drool made a puddle on your desk."

"Ugh," I groan, embarrassed, "Just forget about it." I wipe away the drool with my sleeve.

"Regardless, as long as it's not Hanley or Cody, we're fine." 


"Don't tell me..." The guilty look on my face gives me away immediately. "No way! It's Cody?" Embarrassed, I don't respond. Ever since we broke up I've been having these day dreams about Cody. 

"Can't say I'm surprised though."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I fold my arms.

"I always knew you still were into him."


"Well for starters, at some of our sleepovers during this past month, I've caught you several times moaning his name in your sleep," she informs me with a wink. My face turns bright red. 

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