Chapter 7: I Don't Want Her Either

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Cody's POV

To be honest I knew exactly what Chelsea was talking about when she said I would be jealous. And she was right. I knew I would be. After all, Skylar looked smoking hot in that dress she was trying on...

A few minutes before our rather heated encounter, Tanya and I were sitting at a Starbucks outside of this cute little dress shop. Tanya dragged me to the mall today so she could get some new make-up to cake on her face from Sephora or some shit and she wanted my opinion on which shade to get. Unbeknownst to her, I don't fucking care. 

She was rambling about some dumb shit and my gaze was fixed on this little dress shop across from the Starbucks. I saw girls trying on clothes through the windows and I saw this one girl try on a bunch of different dresses. I couldn't see her face but as soon as I saw her figure in one of the body con dresses, I knew it was my Skylar. I watched as she tried on dress after dress. The red one was mesmerizing but every dress she tried on afterwards was still breath-taking simply because it was on her. Heck, Skylar would still look good in a paper bag. I have to shake my head to snap myself out of my day dream before I start drooling again. 

"Are you even listening?" Tanya pouts, anger rising.

"Uh... yeah. Of course." I stutter.

"Then what did I just tell you." She folds her arms. 

"That you couldn't decide between the blue and the red purse so you got them both?"

"That was like ten minutes ago! Have you not been listening this whole entire time!"

"Sorry babe. I was... uh distracted."

Tasha or whatever lets out a frustrated sigh before repeating herself with folded arms. "What I said was are you excited for Homecoming? I think I know who I'm gonna ask..." She adds the last part with batting eye lashes. Gross. I hate desperation. 

"Oh I don't know," I fake flirt back.

"Well, who do you think?" She smirks.

"Make it a surprise babe. It's more fun that way." Honestly, I just didn't want to hear her ramble on about it for the next hour. I fold my arms and sit back in my chair, watching my angel... uh I mean... that devil in the dress store. I grow antsy as I watch her and her friend Chelsea exit the store. I have a sudden urge to follow her. I just want to know what she's doing...

"And so then we'll go to the before party at Chandler's house before heading to the dance, becoming homecoming king and queen, and then--" She keeps rambling but stops when I grab her hand and pull her out of the seat.

"Come on, let's go to that other store over there." 

I pretend I'm listening to her ramble as we walk over there when in reality I am eavesdropping on Skylar and Chelsea. For some reason, I just HAVE to know what they are talking about.

"Sky, you're gonna look amazing! All the boys at the dance will be undressing you with their eyes as soon as you walk in!" Chelsea reassures Skylar sassily. My cheeks begin to burn and I have to remind myself she's not my problem anymore.

"Chels, I have a boyfriend," Skylar chuckles. I forgot how cute her giggles are... fuck!

And I can't believe she's dating him... Rolfe Fucking Scott. The loser and her seem to have really hit it off. They are constantly hanging out and acting all cute and coupley. It makes me sick. I watch them at lunch being all giggly and romantic. Not that I'm jealous or anything... She made it perfectly clear she wants nothing to do with me.

Chelsea continues, "Just imagine the look on Cody's face when he sees you. He's gonna be so jealous!" Oh, so maybe Skylar is still thinking about me. 

"And why would I be jealous?" I chime in, catching everyone off guard, myself included. Dammit, my cover has been blown. The bouncy brunette I used to adore spins around and I make direct eye contact with her. Goddammit why does she have to be so enticing! Those eyes I could get lost in... SNAP. OUT. OF. IT. CODY! Keep your head in the game.

"I... uh..." She stammers. Oh fuck me. Why does she have to be so beautiful even when she is nervous?

"Cat's got your tongue?" I sneer, obviously having caught her off guard. 

"I knew you weren't over me. Unfortunately for you, I have moved on." I pull Tanya closer into my side and she wraps her arounds around my waist. She fits there quite well.

The tension during the remainder of our encounter was so thick it was almost visible. To be honest, I'm not really sure why I approached them. I need to refocus on Tanya... her big boobs, slim waist, round ass... My hand travels down and squeezes her juicy ass. She looks up at me with a smirk on her face, meaning she's turned on. 

The thing about Tanya is she's hot, a senior like me, and she's wanted by most other guys in the school. Before we started dating, she slept with a ton of guys, which makes her a slut. The thing is, she owns it. She loves it. She worships the dick and I can't say I'm complaining. Her skills do exceed my expectations... 

Sex with Tanya is always amazing and she lets me be as rough as I want to and begs for more that I don't even think is humanly possible. It keeps me satisfied and I'm content. But what I don't understand is why in the back of my mind, I can't stop thinking about Skylar and how 

I mentally slap myself in the face. Cody, she doesn't want you. I need to remember that. Because frankly I don't want her either.


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