Chapter 34: Surprising News

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The next day I hear some news buzzing around school. Apparently, Rolfe and Tanya started seeing each other after cheating on Cody and I behind our backs. I didn't pay enough attention to even notice though. After all, Cody is the only guy on my mind... 

"Anyways, they broke up last night and let's just say it's messy," random brunette number one says to her blonde friend. I lean against the lockers, pretending to be focused on my phone but really I am eavesdropping.

"What even happened?" The blonde girl gasps, but leans closer to get more gossip.

"Well, all I know is that they had a huge fight last night and now it's over."

Hm. Interesting. Serves them both right.

"What was the fight about?"

"I'm not sure but I heard they were both so upset they didn't even want to come to school today," the blonde one adds. Simultaneously as the brunette closes her locker and zips up her backpack, the pair start walking down the hall continuing to share rumors they heard about the breakup.

I wonder what their fight was about... 

I'm about to go follow them nonchalantly to get more details, but a low voice addresses me and I am startled.

"What are you doing pressed up against my locker, babe?" I turn to find a hand placed on the locker next to my head. 

"Finally realized you were ready for a real man?"  


"Ugh, gross," I push his arm away before starting to make my swift exit.

"You'll come to me eventually. They all do."

"I'm disgusted and I pity the woman who decides to give you a chance," I scoff, heading down the hallway.

"I'll have you very soon," he mutters under his breath.

"Grow up, Hanley," I shout from across the hall. He appears startled as if he didn't realize I heard him. However, this look quickly glazes over with angry eyes. I think he thought I was actually coming back to him... what a loser.

On my way to English, I spot the queen bitch herself surrounded by her team of bitches. She appears to be... crying? 

Oh, of course, it's the whole ordeal with the queen bee getting dumped and getting consoled by her cohort of worker bees. As soon as I round the corner, her eyes pierce through mine and reveal suppressed anger. 

What did I ever do to her?


I walk into study hall that afternoon and plop down my books at the table with Cody, Chelsea, and Justin. 

"What's got you in such a sour mood? Didn't you hear the good news?" Chelsea grins.

"Long story. Don't worry about it, and no. What news?"

She gestures to me and Cody, "Both your exes are in ruin after breaking up last night."

"Hm? They were dating?" Cody asks.

"Yeah. I mean, they were fucking behind your back for the longest time..."

"Too soon," I roll my eyes. Cody gives me a look of concern with a pinch of jealousy. I place my hand on his thigh to settle him down.

"Well they've been in that phase where its unclear whether it's friends with benefits or dating."

"Kinda like us for a while?" Justin smirks, winking at Chelsea.

"Don't compare us to them."

I chuckle.

"So what happened with that anyways?" I ask, "I heard some people talking about it this morning."

"From what I've heard, they were in her room when something happened and she got mad or something and ended their relationship on the spot," Justin adds.

"They were probably fucking, knowing them," Chelsea rolls her eyes, "He probably forgot to put on a rubber. That's prolly what she's mad about." Justin nods in agreement.

"Honestly, it's not like any of us really care. Can we change the subject?" Cody shrugs.

"Sure," Justin shrugs too, and Chelsea shrinks back in a pout. Maybe she had more to add?

"Well Chelsea was telling me about a concert she wanted to go to next weekend. Who's playing again?" Justin turns to Chelsea, who holds an expression of betrayal.

"Only the best artist of all time."

"Oh don't tell me it's a country singer," I stare at her in disbelief, already knowing the answer.

"Oh come on guys, he's really good!" 

"Sounds like it could be fun," Cody shrugs, "What's his name?"

"Blake Winters."

"Never heard of him." 

"Please go with us! It'll be such a fun double date!"

"Fine," I agree.

After the bell rings, we all get up to leave and Cody asks if I want a ride home. I say yes, but I tell him I'll meet him in the parking lot because I have to get something from my locker.

Only when I go to my locker do I find something unexpected. Well, more like someone. 

"Rolfe? What are you doing here?"

"...can we talk?" 


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