Chapter 4: Hide and Seek

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"Coody... Stop it!"

He only presses my wrists harder.

"When are you going to learn?" He growls, ignoring me completely. His teeth sink into my neck and I shriek loudly from surprise.

I never knew Cody was a vampire. *rolls eyes* Bad joke, sorry I'll go home now.


I have an idea. An incredibly dumb idea, but an idea nonetheless.

With all the force I can muster, I knee Cody right where it hurts and he immediately releases me and drops to the ground. I stumble backward but I don't lose my footing.

I stare smugly at Cody writhing on the ground. "That's what you get for acting like a total dick."

His eyes lift slowly off of the ground and I swear to god they're on fire as soon as I meet his gaze. His teeth are clenched and his jaw is locked. He was pissed before but now he's on a whole new level. If his eyes had lasers, I'd be a goner.

"Eeep!" I squeal in fear when he reaches for my ankle, but I manage to stumble way. I don't even look back to see if he's behind me. I just take off in a dead sprint towards who-knows-where.

My feet end up taking me to the kitchen and so I crawl into a place where I know he won't be able to find me: underneath the kitchen sink. It's perfect because it's such a tiny space that he won't think I could fit but the downside is that it's uncomfortable. But this is a game of survival, and it's a matter of life and death.

Five long minutes later I hear footsteps on the kitchen tile. Fudge nuggets. He's going to find me.

I hold my breath.

"Oh, where could Skylar be hiding?" Cody asks himself in a sinister voice almost as if he knows my super secret hiding spot.

Why must he tease me like this?

"Come on out Sky." I hear him chuckle. Usually, I would come out at this point, but I am scared. He's never been this angry and he sounds like the fricken' Joker from Batman right now.

I close my eyes when I hear the cabinet door begin to creak open. A small part of me thinks he might not see me. But I'm obviously wrong.

Before I know it, I am scooped into a pair of muscular arms and thrown over a burly shoulder.

"H-how d-did you f-find me?" My words stutter.

"Oh come on Skylar, you always hide there."

Oh shit, I forgot.

He carries me up to his bedroom and locks the door before slamming me down on his bed. I don't have the chance to sit up before he straddles me and begins removing our clothing. 

"Cody not right now. I'm mad at you!"

He ignores me and rips off my bra like it's nothing.

"CODY!" I slap him. This time he acknowledges me and his eyes meet mine. He's angry. 


His cheeks redden even more and the imprint of my hand is visible.

"How. Dare. You." 

"Cody, I swear to god. I don't want this right now and if you--" I protest but his words cut mine off like a sword.

"I am going to teach you a lesson for breaking my rules. You're mine, princess; what don't you understand?"

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