Chapter 28: Not Good Enough

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After my brief yet hot interaction with Cody, I am left confused and, well, horny. Maybe it's the three shots I just downed or the fact that Cody's so god damn sexy, but I find myself wet even just thinking of him. I remind myself to snap out of it, but it's hard. I need a distraction.

 Thus, I decide that tonight is the night I will fuck someone else, preferably a hot football jock. According to Chels, the football team is full of guys with huge dicks and I plan to take full advantage of this knowledge. I've already spotted a few cuties as I make my way through the party. 

Through my drunken haze, I manage to make two rules for the night: 1, no engaging in sexual activity of any kind with Hanley because that's icky, and 2, avoid Cody because I don't want to deal with these feelings bubbling up in my chest.

I find Hanley and a few of his guy friends dancing with some of the cheerleaders. Hanley faces a short spunky blonde named Amber who is a flyer on the cheer team. They aren't grinding or anything but I can see the lust in both of their eyes.

Hanley spots me and motions me over to him and his friends. I feel the buzz hit just as I reach the crowded dance floor. Most of the guys have pulled a girl to grind with, but I refrain from such activity while in pursuit of a suitable guy to make moves on. My eyes scan the crowd but all of the cute guys already have partners.

Suddenly, my waist is pulled back into a hard chest and a gasp escapes my lips. I turn around to see who it is and to my surprise it's none other than Hanley O'Ryan.

"What gives?" I try to push him off angrily, but he grips my waist tighter and guides me swaying to the music. 

I struggle but he leans down, whispering in my ear, "Cody's walking by. Now look like you're having a good time."

I understand the cue and stop protesting. My curious eyes scan the crowd with no sign of Cody. Maybe Hanley was lying to get my ass rubbing on his dick? But then my suspicions are tarnished once I lock eyes with the devil. 

I swear his eyes blaze in a shade of deep crimson as his face reddens with anger. His knuckles are white from clenching and his eyebrows are furrowed. He's absolutely furious.

My breath catches in my throat and a pang of guilt washes over me. I realize I have to retreat, and fast. I tell Hanley I have to use the restroom and he lets go of my waist. Locking the door behind me, I sit on the toilet seat, contemplating the night so far.

I can't believe I ever agreed to be Hanley's date. Have I no moral compass? Judging from the way Cody was seething in the corner, my actions really upset him. As much as I hate to admit it, I hate that I am the source of those feelings and I wish I could take it back. 

Cody may have wronged me in the past but why should that make it okay to put myself at risk, just to get back at him. That isn't the Skylar Reed I want to be. 

I don't even realize I'm crying until little black droplets land on my dress. My mascara must be a mess... I look into the mirror and to my utter dismay, all of my make up is ruined. After cleaning up my face, I feel a little more sober and I decide to go find my overnight bag and just head home.

Once I finally regain my composure, I turn off the lights and take a deep breath before opening the door. However, I don't even make it a few steps before I am shoved back inside and pinned against the back wall. From my aggressor's alluring smell, I already know his identity.

"Are you absolutely infuckingsane?" he growls, the moonlight emerging through the cracks of the window blinds illuminating part of his face. 

"W-what are you tal-" I start, ready to burst into tears again, but he immediately interrupts me. 

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