Chapter 20: You Had Me At Wrestle

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I can't find my bikini anywhere so Chelsea lets me borrow one of hers. The three of us head down into the hot tub and as it starts to get dark outside, more people begin to arrive.

As Cody and Tanya walk in, I lock eyes with Cody and I feel uncomfortable as his eyes scan the length of my body with an expression of surprised combined with anger. I feel naked under his gaze, but it only lasts a moment because Tanya grabs his hand and pulls him upstairs, ignorant.

Chelsea, Jen, and I continue gossiping for a little while and soon enough some of the others decide to join us around the hot tub.

We're all drinking and laughing and a few of the guys decide to grab their swimsuits to join us in the hot tub. 

"Where's Tanya?" Landon asks Cody, who remains fully dressed on one of the lounge chairs, sipping on a beer and reading some book.

"Up in her room with Larson, Cami, and Bentley. I assume they're getting changed but last I've seen of them, they were doing their nails." 

Rolfe and Landon hop into the hot tub with us. Landon immediately goes over to Jen and wraps his arms around her waist from behind and rests his chin in the crook of her shoulder. Chelsea is arguing with Rolfe about why cheerios and fruit loops are in fact cousins, not siblings. The rest of the guys are still upstairs changing. I remain awkwardly sipping my drink as I listen to Chelsea and Rolfe argue.

It isn't long before Landon whispers something into Jen's ear and he picks her up bridal style before carrying her out of the hot tub. I assume he's taking her to the master bedroom because of the wink Jen gives us over his shoulder before he leaves the room. I return the wink and give her a thumbs up. I'm excited for her.

Rolfe leaves about fifteen minutes later to go shower before coming down again, claiming the chlorine is getting to him. Wimp.

Now it's just Chelsea and I in the hot tub with Cody on his phone near us. The rest of the guys are still upstairs changing and the girls are God knows where.

"Yeah, Landon's got her whipped. It's kinda cute actually. She's like a puppy whenever he's around," Chelsea teases about Jen.

I give her a pointed stare.

"What?" she whines.

"You say that as if Justin doesn't have you on a leash."

"As if! I can fuck whoever I want, whenever I want! I will not be tied down!"

"Woah Chels, slow down. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. In fact, I think it's good for you. Justin's a really nice guy."

"Yeah I guess, but more importantly, he wields a massive weapon in his pants," I see Cody shift in his seat out of the corner of my eye as Chelsea's statement grabs his attention, "That's all he is to me." 

"Whatever you say, Chels," I roll my eyes, sinking back down into the hot tub, submerging myself until eye level so I can live out my fantasy of being a hippo.

The boys' footsteps thunder down the stairs and they approach the hot tub.

"Watch this then." She stands up, puffing out her chest so her boobs appear bigger in her already flashy bikini top. 

She glides to the edge of the hot tub and smiles at Bray, one of Landon's other football friends. He comes closer, locked in her gaze, and she caresses his collarbone with a single finger. 

"So I heard you're a wrestler in the winter, huh?" He nods a little too enthusiastically while shamelessly staring down at Chelsea's perky yet plentiful breasts. Chelsea pulls him closer and tilts his chin up so he can meet her lustful gaze. "Wanna go upstairs and I'll let you teach me some of your moves? I'll even let you pin me down..." 

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