Forty Six.

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My eyes flutter open and are met by glowing greenA dimpled smile and messy curls make me grin as I prop myself up on my elbows

"Hi," I mumble, lifting my head slightly as he dips his down, our lips almost touching -

"Miss DevinGet to work!"

I spin around in my chair and find Parker in the doorway of the office, his face red and his hair disheveledI look around the office for Harry, but he's not sitting at his deskInstead, it's a girl.

I stand from my chair and try to make my way across the room but my legs are moving too slowly.

I'm going to get caught.

I glance over at Zimm's desk and he's not there either, instead it's ParkerMy head snaps back to the doorway where he was just standing which is now empty, the door shut tightly, confused how he moved so quickly

I lift my right foot, then my left, but it seems I'm not getting any closer to the blonde sitting in Harry's chairI try to reach out my arms but I can't move them, they're bound behind my back in... handcuffs.

"Miss Devin!" Parker barks again, standing from Zimm's desk and making his way over to meMy heart is pounding and my feet are glued in place, I can't run away.  "Miss Devin," he says again once he's reached me, his voice a low hiss, "Mr. Styles has been found guilty of selling Zayn's design to Apple illegally," he takes a step closer until his face is only inches from mine, his eyes dark and cold, "and so have you."

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