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My heart nearly stops and my mind reels, sifting through the possibility of how I could be seeing things.  It cannot be that of all people, Harry just happens to walk through the door.  I don't have to take a second glance because I know I'd be able to recognize his green eyes anywhere.  Even now as he looks so different to me dressed in black slacks, a crisp white button up and a skinny black tie, I known it's him and I am shocked to say the least.

"Are you alright?" Zayn's cool tone brings be back to earth and I realize I've been staring at Harry.  Thankfully he hasn't noticed, nor has anyone else.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I turn to Zayn and flash him a small grin which he returns.

I try my best to keep my eyes away from Harry and make myself seem indifferent to his arrival, but I can feel his presence as he approaches us and heat rises to my cheeks.  My heart pounds as his footsteps draw nearer and I watch as Zayn's eyes flicker up to him behind me.

"Morning Styles, get my coffee?" He smirks and lifts his hand.

"Yeah, I did," he scoffs sarcastically.  "I don't know why you don't just bring your own.  We pick it up from your shop anyways," Harry says as he presses a cup into Zayn's waiting hand.  "I'm never arriving early again, you can quote me on that."

"We were all shocked when we heard you got here before everyone, as you can imagine," Zayn chuckles as he leans back in his chair and takes a sip from his coffee.  "Oh, Styles, this is the new intern, Skylar Devin."

"We've met," Harry deep voice says quietly, laughing lightly to himself.  Behind his two words is more implication than Zayn could ever know, more than he or anyone else is this office will ever know.  I intend to keep it that way.

Slowly, I turn my head to meet the eyes I know are training on me.  I can feel them burning into my back and it's almost unbearable.  As my eyes meet his, I find myself feeling more pleased to see him than I had when he first walked into the door.  His pink lips are molded into a lopsided smile, his dimples carved delicately into his cheeks.

"Hi," he says, his voice throaty and striking my core.

"Hi," I say quietly, letting a small smile creep up onto my face.

"It's nice to see you again," he says, his smile growing.

"You as well," I say with a small nod. 

We're both left smiling stupidly at each other until Zayn clears his throat and we're brought back to reality.  Harry gives him a curt nod and me a small wave before turning on his heel and making his way to his desk.

The next few hours consist of Zayn teaching me more about the system and the kind of work I'll be doing.  I listen to him and am completely interested, but my focus has been lost since Harry set foot in the room.  I try to keep my mind on task and my eyes away from the small cluster of desks in the middle of the room, but more than a few times I fail and allow my eyes to travel directly where they should not be.

Every time I look at him, he is either already watching me or looks up to meet my gaze.  I blush many times and we share more than a few knowing smiles.  Zayn doesn't miss my lack of focus, but he doesn't say anything either.  He goes on with whatever he was explaining and occasionally rolls his eyes.

Sooner than I expected, lunch comes around and everyone either starts to stand from their desks and makes their way out of the office or pulls out their lunch and stays chatting with some people in the room.

"Want to go somewhere?" Zayn asks as he turns off his computer screen.

My eyes flicker to Harry who appears to be deep in conversation with Scott.  "Sure," I smile at Zayn and he smiles back brightly, standing from his seat and pulling on his coat.  I follow his lead and he motions for me to follow him as he heads toward the door.

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