Thirty Nine.

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"Harry! It's so good to see you," Anne exclaims, her smile wide and her brown eyes squinting as she pulls Harry into a tight embrace, kissing him on the cheek.  "Why haven't you been to visit in so long?"

"I've been busy mum, working at Parker keeps you on your toes," he shrugs, pushing a hand through his hair before he returns her a kiss on the cheek.

I stand timidly beside him, not wanting to be too upfront while Harry's mom fondles over him.  My stomach is bubbling with anxiety and I tug at my dress uncomfortably.  I try to keep my eyes downcast or on the room behind Anne until I'm acknowledged. 

Their condo is the same as I remember it; open concept much like Harry's apartment is now, cream colored walls and dark leather seating, splashes of color in accent pillows and paintings across the space.  There is not a single thing out of place in this condo, everything is in its place or tucked away neatly.  There is a faint floral scent underneath the mouth watering smells I'm sure are coming from the kitchen.  I don't see how Harry could have grown up with such a neat family but ends up throwing his clothes all over the floor.

I notice that there are several pictures hung on the walls and my interest peaks.  Most of them are of Harry and Gemma, some with their mom and only very few with their dad.  It's clear in the family photos that the Styles kids take after their parents very much.  All four of them have dark hair - Gemma must dye hers - and bright eyes, Anne having the only pair of brown eyes in the family.  Harry looks a lot like his mom; he has her smile and wide eyes.  I haven't seen much of his dad, but he obviously takes his height and gets his bright green eyes from him. 

"Skylar," Anne smiles, turning to me and I am snapped out of my thoughts.  "It's very nice to see you dear.  You look so grown up," she gawks as she looks me over.  I wonder if she's hoping my personality has matured as much as my appearance.

"Thank you, Anne - or, um, Mrs Styles..." I stutter, my nerves showing themselves clearly.  I feel my cheeks turn pink.

"You can call me Anne, love," she winks, calming me some.  "I heard you've been in LA for some time now?"

"Yes, I've been at school.  I was there for three years," I tell her and her eyes widen.

"Wow, has it been that long?" She laughs, and motions for Harry and I to follow her to the living area. 

She sits on the sofa and Harry and I sit on the loveseat across from her, Harry resting his hand on my thigh.  I glance at him briefly and he smiles softly, telling me with his eyes to calm down.  I manage to give him a small smile and he squeezes my leg gently.

"I remember you and Harry spending everyday together like it was yesterday.  You two were such a lovely couple.  Time flies doesn't it?" Anne smile sweetly as she watches us.  The butterflies return to my stomach, hoping she doesn't bring up our embarrassing encounter from so long ago.  I know she knows that Harry and I were trouble, she wanted us to split up just as much as my family did.  I assume she's trying to sugar coat it for us, not wanting this situation to become awkward by reminding everyone of how horrible the duration of our relationship was. 

For Anne, she wasn't worried so much about Harry than she was about him hurting me.  It was clear that she loved her son, but all the same she didn't trust him.  She was used to his behavior from when he was younger so she wasn't so shocked when he stumbled in drunk or found me on his lap on this very sofa.

"It sure does."

I turn my head to see Harry's father, Joseph, enter the area from the small hallway.   He's tall, dark, and good looking just like his son.  You could tell they were related from a mile away.  He holds his chin up, hands buried in his pocket, bright eyes narrowed in our direction and I feel slightly intimidated.  He walks slowly over to the sofa to sit beside his wife and I feel Harry tense up beside me immediately. 

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