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"Does everything look okay?" Harry asks, peering over my shoulder at the documents in my hands. His voice is deep and raspy in my ear and a small shudder rolls through me.

"Everything looks fine so far..." I trail off, biting my lip in concentration as I flip through the last of the pages. Harry spins absent mindedly on the stool next to me while I finish up.

I'm nearing the end of the booklet, which turned out to be bigger than I thought. I've been here with Harry for at least and hour now and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable. He's been telling me about everyone in the office and what they are like. I have to admit that gossiping with Harry is probably one of the highlights of my week. I have actually been laughing and smiling, not having to fake them. It's strange that out of all people, I find myself having a good time with Harry and as friends.

A friendship is something I never thought I would have with Harry. I never thought we could make it work without our history getting in the way. I thought that I would hate him for everything he put me though, but he has changed so much that I no longer see the same person who made my life a living hell. I had planned on never seeing him again when I moved away three years ago, but yet here I am sat next to him in his kitchen.

I flip through the last few pages, excitement bubbling inside me as I near the end and become one step closer to moving out. My eyes skim impatiently over the page, but stop when they land on something heartbreaking. I literally feel my stomach drop to my feet, and my shoulders droop. The chances of me moving out and growing slimmer as I continue down the page.

"No way," I mumble, gaining Harry's attention. "This can't be happening," I almost whisper. Harry stops spinning and leans over to see what I'm looking at.

"What is it?" He asks, his voice low.

"I won't be able to move in for another two months," I sigh, pointing to the line on the document that says so.

Harry takes it from my hands and reads it over for himself. I feel all the excitement that had just been building up fade away slowly. I need to move out as soon as possible and two months is not soon enough.  There is no way I can continue living with Jessica when our relationship is in ruins and the tension between us is only growing.  I will crack soon enough and I can only see myself spiralling downwards, headed back to the same place I was before I got my act together.

"It's not that long to wait, Sky," Harry shrugs, sliding the papers back over to me.

"Yes it is," I groan and bury my head in my arms on the counter top. "You don't understand how badly I need to move out as soon as I can. I'm sure I could find a place that will let me move in in less than two weeks. Niall has some other places to look at, I'm sure I'll find something." As hopeful as I try to sound, that is not at all how I feel.

"You won't find a deal as good as this one, you know that," he urges.

"I know I won't, but you don't get it. I can't wait, Harry."

"Maybe you don't have to," he says so quietly I almost can't hear him.

"What do you mean?" I ask, lifting my head from the counter to look at him.

"I mean you could still move out now, you just won't be able to stay in the apartment."

"And where do you suggest I go?" I question harshly, growing frustrated with the situation.

He runs a hand through his hair and his eyes flit around the room avoiding my gaze, and finally resting on his hands. He opens his mouth and closes it a few times before he finally speaks up.

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