Thirty Four.

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Quick question; are you guys okay with this chapter length??

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"Why didn't you call?" I ask again.  I know she is avoiding the question and it makes me more angry than upset.

I can tell Harry is fuming beside me by the way he stiffens.  I can't blame him, if I didn't know my mother I'd be extremely angry as well.  But I do know my mother, and I know that as much as she is caring she is also terribly dramatic and selfish. 

She stands awkwardly on the other side of the coffee table, wringing her hands together out of nervousness.  Her eyes are on the floor and I can see the wheels in her brain turning to come up with an adequate answer.

"Honestly," I add firmly even though I'm choking back tears.

She finally looks up at me, her green eyes panicked and guilty like I had expected them to be.  "I was angry with you," she says quietly, cringing slightly as she awaits my reaction.

"You were angry with me? Why?" I ask, trying desperately to stay calm.

"I was angry with you for... well for going back.  You were doing so well and then you had to get involved with him again," she says, motioning to Harry.

"You left me no choice mom.  I had nowhere else to go and I very well couldn't stay here anymore and live with my psychopath of a sister," I exclaim, shaking my head in disbelief that she doesn't understand.

"Your sister is not a psychopath, do not call her such things," she scolds, disregarding everything else I said. 


"You know what she did," I defend.  "She has nothing to do with this, though.  I want to know why you didn't call me for almost a month!  You would really hold a grudge against your own daughter for that long?"

"Sweety, I thought about calling you many times.  I never did because I was afraid you would have changed back to who you were before," she admits, her face softening slightly.

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