Twenty Six.

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I wake for the third day in a row wrapped in Harry's arms. We haven't had sex again since that first time, but I am starting to make a habit of sleeping in his bed. It's much better than the sofa, especially since I get to spend every night locked in Harry's strong arms, listening to his heartbeat and soaking up his warmth.

He hasn't said anything about it or made any accusations against me as to why I'm staying in his bed, instead he has let me do as a please with no questions. He's being strangely accommodating, but he is letting me stay at his place after all. If he wasn't dating Jessica at the time I think I still would have wondered why he was being so helpful.

He said he was attracted to me, but that doesn't mean anything. Harry is probably the most attractive man I have ever seen but that still doesn't mean I have feelings for him. We dated for a year, I suppose it's only normal for him to feel a bit of responsibility for me especially after he put me through hell. Everything he is doing now I can only assume he is doing out of guilt.

His chest rises and falls against my back, reminding me of the decisions I've made, past and present. I don't regret agreeing to only having sex with him, at least I can have him in some way. I was so consumed in the moment that I had forgotten I dropped my birth control. I had to rush out before work and grab a morning after pill. I also made an appointment with my old doctor to get back on the regular pill.

I do, however, regret not getting out before we got to this point. If I had only stayed away when I got back I wouldn't be fighting with myself right now. I know I think about it constantly and tell my self I'm in the wrong over and over, but I just can't help myself when it comes to Harry. He's my past, the only person I ever loved and took up a huge space in my mind for four years.

Harry shifts against me, sucking in a deep breath before letting it out against my neck. Goose bumps raise on my arms as he places a soft kiss to the back of my neck.

"Morning," he mumbles in my ear, his voice gravelly and laced with sleep.

"Morning," I reply, smiling slightly to myself.

I feel calm with the sunlight streaming into the room through the curtains and warming the covers on top of us. I can't help but smile, feeling no pressure on my shoulders right now. I don't even mind that Harry is still holding me and tracing small circles on my arm, or that he kissed my neck as he woke up. I assume that it just out of habit though.

"Sleep well?" He asks, propping himself up on his elbow, one arm still draped over me.

"Yes, much better than I did while I was staying on the sofa," I say, rolling over slightly so I can look up at him.

His eyes are still half closed in the light of the morning, a lazy smile painted on his lips. His hair is a mess and I can't help but raise my hand and run my fingers through the soft curls.

"Good, I'm glad. We have a big day ahead of us," he smiles as he climbs out of bed.

"What do you mean?" I ask propping myself up and watching him as he pulls a pair of black jeans and a white T-shirt from his dresser.

"Well I thought that since we both had nothing planned today we could do something," he shrugs, brushing his hair off his forehead.

"Who said I had no plans?" I test him.

"Do you?"

"Yes, I do actually. I have a doctor's appointment at three."

"Well, that gives us five hours to do what I wanted to do, then I'll take you there afterwards," he suggests, sitting on the edge of his bed still in only his black boxers.

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