Fifty Four.

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We sit in silence, our eyes locked.  My heart is pounding and I'm not even sure if I'm breathing.  I'm afraid to move, I'm frozen in place.  It's the look on his face that's telling me I should be worried.  His eyebrows are drawn together and he's rubbing his hands over his knees nervously.  The way his eyes are dull and not glistening is what worries me most. 

I don't know what's coming, but I'm prepared for the worst.  At least I hope I am.  I could end up terribly hurt, angry, disappointed, upset, or even more worried than I am now.  Half of me hopes I'm overreacting and reading the signs wrong, but when it comes to Harry I rarely make mistakes when his eyes are unguarded.

"Uh, okay..." I mumble, my voice low and unsteady.

He takes a deep breath and runs a hand over his face before looking me directly in the eyes.  "The design belongs to Zayn."

All the unsettling feelings that were just swelling inside of me suddenly stop and I'm left more confused than anything.  I lean forward and rest my elbows on my knees, furrowing my eyebrows.


"The Apple design, it's Zayn's," he clarifies, his eyebrows drawn together and the corners of his lips turned down.

"Yeah, I know.  But how did you know?" I ask and his face scrunches up in confusion as I'm sure mine is about now.

"You knew? What - how?" He asks, running a hand through his curls.

"He showed me," I say, "about a week before Zimm called me to his desk for the first time."

"So you've known the whole time?" He raises his eyebrows and I nod, pressing my lips together.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you," I say quietly and cringe slightly, looking down at my feet.  I've kept this from him for a while now, it has to have been at least a month.?

"No, it's fine, I get it," he says quickly which is a shock to me.  I look up at him and see that he's staring at the wall behind me, appearing to be deep in thought with his chin in his hand.

"How did you know?" I inquire.

"Gemma.  She and Zayn met at one of her showings and he showed her the design on his phone," he mumbles, still staring into space.

I knew that they had met previously, but I didn't know that their meeting could hold a crucial detail.

"Gemma?  What does Gemma have to do with this?  How would she know what the Apple design looks like if it's not out yet?" I question, my head spinning, trying to fill in the bits of missing information.

"Did you tell Zimm?" He asks ignoring my question, his eyes flickering back to me.

"No, I didn't," I sigh and Harry nods.  "But Harry, please don't get any ideas.  I really think Zayn had nothing to do with it.  He's one of the top designers in the building, he wouldn't jeopardize that."

Harry sits up slowly and leans back into the sofa, his eyes focused intently on his hands.  He plays with the band of his sweat pants and avoids my gaze.  I watch him carefully, waiting for him to say something.

"I know," he mumbles, not looking at me.

Now it's my turn to be silent.  I was more than expecting Harry to take a jab at Zayn, try to come up with an idea to prove he did sell his design.  I'm floored by him actually agreeing with me, I never thought he would have.

Then a thought occurs.

"What so you mean you know?" I ask slowly, keeping my eyes steady on his face.

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