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I pull open the door and let it slam shut behind me, ignoring my name being called over and over as I leave. I run down the corridor to the elevator and push the button. The doors slide open and I quickly step inside, hitting the button to shut the doors immediately. I lean against the wall of the elevator as it descends, my chest rising and falling rapidly as I breathe hard, my heart racing and my throat aching as I hold back sobs. My hands have been clenched so I slowly relax them and bring them to my cheeks to wipe the tears away.  I'm thankful the elevator is empty.

I haven't allowed myself to believe what just happened is real. If I start thinking about it while I'm still in this building I will snap. I need fresh air and a calm environment before I can start to sort out my thoughts and feelings.

The elevator door opens in the lobby and I head straight for the glass revolving door that leads outside. The cool air hits my bare arms and raises goose bumps on my skin. I wrap my arms around myself, wishing I had had the sense to grab a jacket in my haste to leave. I cross the usually busy street, which is now empty, to the park I used to spend much of my time at.

The sky is as dark as it can get in New York with all the bright lights of downtown only blocks away from where I am. Cars honk and music plays in the distance, echoing through the silent air and adding life to the deserted park. The path is lined with tall lamp posts to light the way and my shadow is splayed across the concrete as I walk.

My feet carry me to a familiar bench in the middle of the park where I can picture myself sitting in all seasons. Now I sit on it alone, in the cool October air. I can only hear my labored breath and sniffles which are magnified in the silence. Trees rustle from time to time in the light breeze, a sound that soothes me.

I shut my eyes and pull my knees to my chest in an attempt to keep warm. On the back of my eyelids, the only image I see is Harry's jade eyes; vivid, kind, mysterious. I quickly open my eyes to rid myself of the image.  My cheeks sting in the cold air as more tears slide down my face. I had assumed my first night back might end badly, or any night back for that matter. No good comes from me being in New York and certainly no good comes from me being near Harry. He sets me into a frenzy of emotions and nerves, bringing back memories I want to conceal for as long as I live.

Harry Styles is associated with the darkest year in my life and I have just relived it all in the matter of hours.

My phone vibrates in my pocket and startles me because I didn't realize I even had it. I pull it out and an unknown number flashes on the screen. It could be anyone because I don't have many numbers programmed into my phone; just a few friends I made back in LA and some good take out places around Hollywood that I ordered from often. I assume it's either my mother or sister trying to get a hold of me so I decline the call and put my phone on silent, not really in the mood to be bothered.

"Sky!" I hear my name being called from down the path and turn my head unwillingly to find the source.

I know from the voice exactly who it is, but I'm not sure whether I imagined it or not so I need to be sure. I've heard his voice in my mind so many times when he was more than halfway across the country and couldn't possibly be near. It's almost hard to believe it's actually his tall, dark figure approaching me here in the park. This all seems so familiar and feels like deja vu.

He approaches me slowly, light from the lamp posts creating a light glow on his face. He sits down slowly on one side of the bench and I instinctively scoot myself further from him. Hurt flashes in his eyes at my movements but quickly disappears. We both stare out at the empty park in front of us, our breathing the only sound and the white puffs of air it creates is the only movement.

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