Thirty Seven.

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"Anything?" Scott asks, his eyes narrowed on the design he's pulled up on the computer monitor.

"No," I sigh, fiddling with my fingers in my lap.  He's called me over to his desk everyday this week to talk about the possible scandal.  I have yet to tell him that I've seen the design before. 

"I'm hoping this is a good thing," he mutters, turning to face me.  "None of the other teams or departments in the building have pulled up any new information on their end either.  Mr. Parker is starting to suspect that it's possible this design didn't belong to anyone here to begin with, which is a relief."

My stomach flips at his words and that he's starting to get his hope back when he is in fact wrong.  I know the design belongs to someone at Parker, on this team, and I know exactly who it is.  I also know that I could be reprimanded if I fess up now, having kept important information to myself for too long.  It's possible that it's not too late for me, but I still can't bring myself to throw Zany under the bus.  I'm certain he hasn't done it, he loves this job too much to give it up.  It is, however, too late for Zayn.  The team directors and department heads have been searching all week for information and answers, Parker as well.  They are all growing restless and I know that if I throw Zayn's name in the mix, they'll pin everything on him for an easy out.

"Why did Parker suspect the design came from someone here in the first place?"

"A few years back the same thing happened with Kraft.  He's been keeping his eye out ever since.  There was a middle man in that deal, someone sold a design to an illegal agency and they sold it Kraft over their agency's head," he explains.  "Of course they were let go straight away, banned from the grounds."

"Wow... I don't understand why people would do things like that," I wonder out loud.  Parker is the best thing that has happened to me, something I've been dreaming of for my entire life.  I can't see how anyone would give up such an incredible opportunity.

"I don't understand it either," Zimm sighs and shakes his head slightly, closing the window of the design and pulling up some work.  "Sorry for keeping you into your lunch break, go enjoy what's left of it."

"It's okay, I don't mind," I smile, and stand from the desk.

He gives me a small smile before I turn away and head off to find Harry, stopping at my desk to grab my coat.  I pull my phone out on the way down the elevator and see that I have two missed calls; one from my mother, one from my sister.  I delete the notifications and shove my phone forcefully back in my pocket, not interested in thinking about it.

They've been calling everyday lately, sometimes twice a day and I have yet to answer them.  I do feel bad that I'm the one shutting them out now, but I'm not ready to hear their voices trying to apologize for things that still seem unforgivable to me.

I push the thought out of my mind and journey through the lobby and out the tall glass doors to where I know I'll find Harry.  He's spent his lunches this week out here on his own while I've been catching up on work.  He hasn't been in the break room at all like I would have expected him to be.  Instead he leans against the now bare tree and closes his eyes, soaking up what little of the sun is shining through the clouds.  His dark hair stands out against the white of the surrounding, making it easy to see him even from inside the building.  His breath turns to white puffs as it leaves through is nose and his face is calm, enjoying the silence.

"Hey," I say softly, not wanting to disturbs the peace of the courtyard as I walk up next to him.  His eyes open slowly and he turns his head toward me, a small smile playing on his lips.

"Hey," he hums, pulling me into him and putting his arm arm around me.  He dips his head down to kiss my forehead before letting out a sigh.  "This place is beautiful all seasons of the year, even in the rain."

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