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"This is impossible," I groan and click around the screen aimlessly and out of frustration.

"Maybe you should have paid more attention when I was showing you how to navigate the system and each of the programs. We spent three days on this," Zayn chuckles as he stands from his seat and makes his way over to my desk to help me. He has done this at least four other times this morning and it has barely been three quarters of an hour.

"I was paying attention," I half lie. I was trying to pay attention but I was slightly distracted. Instinctively, my eyes shift briefly to Harry's empty desk.

"Clearly," he teases with a smirk. He leans across my desk and takes the mouse from my hand.

"Maybe you just need to be a better teacher, Zayn," Liz calls over her computer, a sly look in her blue eyes.

"Mind your own business," he chuckles and she over exaggerates a gasp before returning to her work.

Just then the phone rings on Zayn's desk and he sighs as he crosses to pick it up. He looks at me and holds out a finger, telling me it won't take long. He takes his seat again and leans back as he talks quietly into the phone.

I'm left sitting with my elbows on my desk and holding my face in my hands. I can't keep working because I can't figure out the stupid program so I'm left to let my eyes wander around the office. Everyone seems to be working and occasionally leaning over to talk to someone. No one seems to be concerned about the empty desk in finance.

How can Harry still be working here if he is always late? He has been late the past three days and left early too. He hasn't spoken to me since my first day and never looks over at me. He disappears at lunch before everyone else and comes back once everyone has started working again. His behavior shouldn't bother me, but I can't help but feel uneasy about it. No one else seems to mind so I can only assume it's normal. But even so, he speaks to everyone else in the office in good spirits, but has yet to even look in my direction. This is what is making me uneasy.

As if on cue he comes strolling through the door wearing the same white button up and skinny black tie, two coffee cups in his hands. He walks straight to his desk and hangs his coat behind his chair. I don't pretend I'm not watching him because I know he won't catch me looking at him anyways. That's what I think until he spins around and looks directly at me, a wide grin on his face and glowing green eyes.

I feel my cheeks flush and my eyes go wide momentarily from him finally giving me any ounce of attention. I regain my composure and manage to smile back at him as he makes his way toward me. I feel fidgety and my stomach is turning as I shift uncomfortably in my seat. What is different about today than any other day, why is he finally acknowledging my presence?

"Morning," he says quietly, his deep voice gravelly as he tries to keep it low. His smile still rests on his face, unchanging.

"Hey," I smile, not really sure what else to say.

"I got you a coffee," he says and places a coffee cup on my desk. "It's a vanilla latte, I hope you still like those," he tells me, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"I do, thank you."

"Anytime," he nods, offering me a small smile before turning away awkwardly and heading back to his desk.

I don't quite understand what just happened. Harry brought me a coffee after three days of pretending I don't exist, and not to mentioned he remembered my usual from three years ago. I cannot figure him out and I just might injure myself if I try.

The next few hours continue on like the first day, the two of us stealing glances at one another and sharing smiles. Harry even throws a few wads of paper my way, each one with a joke scribbled on the inside. Zayn rolls his eyes at our interactions but I brush it off. No one else seems to mind or even pays attention to us.

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