Twenty Four.

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I don't know how we got to the bed, but we did. Our lips never left each other's for more than a few seconds. The mattress and sheets are soft, not like we used to have in our old apartment. Coolness from the untouched sheets on my back contrasts with Harry's body heat which hovers over me.

Somehow he's only left in his boxers and me in my bra and underwear. It's all been a lustful blur. I let myself go, I decided that I'd let myself have him in one way if I can't have him in another. I might go insane if I couldn't have him at all.

Of course I was absolutely shocked that Harry suggested this, it had never once crossed my mind. Obviously since I got back having him had crossed my mind, but I never imagined I could without us actually being together. Now that we're here, lips latched, breathing heavily, wandering hands and racing hearts, there is no turning back.

My mind reels with the fire that is engulfing me, memories trying their best to seep through but they can't. I'm too much aware of what is happening physically to think straight and the memories come to me broken and jagged. I was worried they would be vivid and cause me to regret everything, hate myself and hate Harry even more than I do now, but it's just the opposite.

We're not even the same people anymore, it seems. We've both changed enough that what I'm feeling now almost doesn't relate to what I remember. He has grown, he has a man's body now and not that of a boy. His muscles are toned and visible, flexing as he shifts his body weight, his shoulders are broad and sturdy. He has filled into his height and quite well I might add. He has more ink on him now than he did back then, the dark designs intrigue me.

Harry hovers over me, his lips securely on mine and his tongue drawing designs on mine. He uses his right arm to hold himself up while his left hand runs down my arm, along my stomach, traced over my pantie line and down my thigh. Shivers run through me and he smiles against my lips, satisfied with my response to him. My fingers from one hand are tangled in him curls, the other trailing over his back and chest freely.

"Are you sure about this?" Harry asks quietly as he pulls back slightly, his now dark lustful eyes searching mine. He is breathing heavily and his voice is husky and deep.

The way he is looking at me makes me feel like he would stop if I said the word, that he really wants to make sure I'm okay with this. For the first time a while, I feel completely safe with him.

I only nod as I'm certain I won't be able to speak. My nerves are shot, electricity coursing through me nonstop at the feeling of his skin on mine. The throbbing between my thighs is almost unbearable and I know I've gone too far to stop now.

A small smirk spreads across his face as he lowers his lips to meet my jaw, trailing kisses along it and down my neck, stopping to suck lightly just below my ear. A small moan escapes me and I tighten my grip in his hair causing him to chuckle against my skin.

"What?" I gasp, managing one word.

"Nothing, I just missed that," he mumbles against my skin, his hot breath raising goose bumps.

He continues to suck lightly and lowers himself down further, pressing himself between my thighs. I can feel his bulge rubbing against me, hard and growing, and I hear him hum in satisfaction which causes me to moan again, my hips raising to press against him. He moves one of his hands to my chest and traces the line of my bra. Slowly he moves his hand toward my back, waiting for me to lift it as if giving him permission, before undoing the clasp. I slip it off, too caught up in the moment to be self conscious.

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