Forty Three.

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Okay, so. I realize the last chapter might have been confusing and might not have made sense. Congrats if you managed to piece everything together, but I promise that all the answers are coming soon!!



Harry's POV

"Fuck," I curse under my breath, which I've been doing since I sat in my car.

I feel awful for leaving Sky like that, I could see in her face that she suspected the worst of what I was doing and where I was going. I can't tell her what's been going through my mind because I'm not even sure I know, I'm not even sure I'm being rational.

I grip the steering wheel tightly, my knuckles tuning white and I crank up the radio to drown out the buzzing in my head. I'm breathing heavily, my insides twisting with white hot with rage which I'm managing to contain better than I used to.

Three years ago, things would be broken by now and I'd either be bleeding or sobbing. That hasn't happened since a few months after Skylar left for LA, I really grew up. It's like something inside me just clicked into place and I didn't have the urge to smoke or drink or party or break things that I always had and was so unexplainable. I had no excuse to drink or do any of the horrible things I did except that I was a right idiot and a total douche. At first it was to get back at my dad, sure, I was doing it to numb the pain, but after a while it just turned into habit and cravings that didn't stop until my heart broke and I fixed myself.

Now, everything is coming back to me; first it was Sky, then my sister, then my parents and all my dad's bullshit. I'm hoping more than anything that who I used to be doesn't come back. I've worked too damn hard to build myself up again and build a life that I'm proud of to give it up now.

"Fuck," I mutter again just as I pull up to the hotel where Gemma is staying. I park on the side of the road and waste no time getting up to her floor, my hands balled into fists in my pockets.

I'm so pissed off that everything my dad does somehow ends up getting me involved and I'm sick of it. No good ever come of his business, if you could even call it that. I always end up saving his ass and risking mine to do it. I've had more than enough, and the fact that he has to come in and ruin everything just when things are getting good drives me mad. What makes me the most enraged is that now Sky is involved and I can't keep everything from her for much longer, I've done that too many times and paid the price.

I bang on the door with the plaque that says 2032 until the door swings open and Gemma let's me in. I march into her room, pulling my hair at the roots in frustration, my mind spinning in circles and not allotting me any time to breath. I start to pace to calm myself, draw my fists behind my back and shut my eyes.

"Harry, what's going on?" Gemma asks, sitting in a chair beside the window. "You sounded panicked on the phone and then you show up here banging on the door like you've gone mad..."

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