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"There are effing lines Emily. Lines that shouldn't be crossed."

"I didn't do anything, Skylar, honest!"

The fear in her hazel eyes fuels the fire that is growing inside of me. My anger is reaching the breaking point as red starts to take over my vision.

"Don't lie!" I shout. I know our voices won't be heard through the bathroom door with the loud music playing throughout the rest of the house. "I saw you, I saw you all over Harry!"

"Nothing happened!"

"It doesn't matter if nothing happened, he wouldn't have let anything happen with you anyways. What do you get out of flirting with other girls' boyfriends except looking like a total slut?" I can hear the venom in my voice and she takes a step away from me. My fist tightens around the red cup in my hand, crushing it slightly.

"We were just talking..." she defends, her eyes not meeting mine.

"Before I pulled you away your hand was up his shirt. That's not talking Em!" I yell and before I can stop myself, my hand moves and the red liquid from my cup is dripping down the front of her white tube top.

"What the hell! This was my favorite shirt!" She shouts, turning to look at the damage in the mirror. The red stain covers the entire front of her shirt but it still doesn't satisfy me.

The anger in me is still as strong as ever, the alcohol in my veins only fueling it more, and I crush the red cup in my hand, throwing it to the ground. I grab her arm and slam her against the bathroom wall. She's a few inches taller than me but she still radiates fear.

"Don't ever go near him, got it?" I hiss and she nods quickly. I grab a fistful of her blond hair and yank on it until she is forced to come down to my level. She winces but doesn't take her eyes off me. "Say it." I demand in a whisper.

"I won't go near him, okay?" She shouts in my face, her breath laced with cigarettes and alcohol.

"God, calm down," I sigh, rolling my eyes and releasing her. She was never someone I liked, even though we spent a lot of time together and acted like friends. She was always so overdramatic and ditsy, it drove me nuts.

I stumble as I make my way over to the sink, the five drinks I had catching up to me. I drop to my knees and pull open the cupboards of the vanity until I find what I'm looking for.

"What are you -" she starts to stutter, backing away but I push her back and she stumbles into the bathtub before she can finish.

I climb in after her, straddling her and using the scissors I found under the sink to cut her tube top off of her. She shouts and swats at me, trying to throw punches but I dodge them all, and threaten to knock her out if she doesn't stop.

I climb out of the tub, leaving her in her bra, her stained shirt in my hand and toss it into the toilet. "Now you don't have to worry about the stain," I smile.

"What the hell Sky?! What the hell am I going to wear, you psycho?" She screams, struggling to stand. The fact that she's had plenty to drink has made this much easier.

"Oh shut up," I groan and pull off my black tank top and toss it at her to make her stop whining.

"You've got to be kidding me!" She shouts, finally climbing from the bathtub, my shirt clenched in her hand. I notice a smear of pale red on bathtub tiles where I assume her head hit.

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